6 Online Business Ideas For Teachers To Make Money in Nigeria

With the state of bad economy in Nigeria, I think it’s time to look out for the best online business ideas for teachers so that you can be able to pay more bills.

In this guide I’ll be explaining from scratch how Nigerian civil servants or Nigerian Teachers can start online jobs and actually make more money.

According to my research, i was made known that Nigerian Teachers earns the lowest salary among all other civil servants which is very bad.

And those whose job are not as tedious as Teacher’s job earn the biggest amount on the short run.

We all know politician earns the biggest money in Nigeria. Apart from their monthly salaries/ allowance, they still go along to steal from public funds.

If you’re a teacher and you’re reading this text right now, thanks your star for coming across this great article.

Well my words won’t long, I’ll only point out 6 Online Business Ideas For Teachers To Make Money in Nigeria.

And pretty sure if you can follow my step by step guide you’ll make it big time!

Now what are the deal?

Online Business Ideas for Teachers

As a Nigerian Teacher these list of Online business / Jobs can actually make you millions if properly planned:

  1. Dropshipping Business
  2. Freelance writer
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Start a blog
  5. Online Tutorial
  6. YouTube channel

Note that these are not all the available online business for teachers to make money but instead, these are the best!

Dropshipping Business

online business ideas for teachers

This is a business model in which you sell what you don’t have in store online through third party.

This business works in the sense that you go on social media to promote a certain product you don’t have in your store and when the buyers come you collect money and address then you quickly go to your supplier by doing the following;

  • Make payment: Yes, once you’ve seen a buyer, you go along to purchase what your client orders for from a third party.
  • Send fill in your Client address: In the shipping address section, you don’t put your own address, instead you input your client’s own.
  • Get your own gain: After the final sales, you should realise some certain amount which serve as your own gain.

Imagine you see up to like 20 – 30 orders per day. Chai.. This is cool money right? Yeah that’s how it works!

From this business you can earn more than $100 on a daily basis if you target the right audience.

The good news about this business is that you don’t need to have much startup capital before you can start.

And there is no tendency of losing out. Though there are some certain things you need to know to be successful.

Requirements for starting a dropshipping business as a Nigerian Teacher

No special requirements for a teacher. The same requirements for a normal business personnel applies to teachers also. Which are as follows:

  • Discover the best dropshipping website
  • Create your own e-commerce website (Which serves as your landing page)
  • Select your Niche
  • Discover your audience
  • Recruits social media expertise (If you’re a busy man/woman)
  • Then start making cool money online.

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I’m telling you, if you can handle this business very well. You will surely quite that your dime salary work!

But i still don’t get, how can i start this dropshipping business?

That’s a good question though. I’ve took time to write a complete guide on how to start a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria which you can get here.

Freelance Writer as Online Business Ideas for Teachers to Make Money in Nigeria

Freelance Writer is a business model where by you sell your writing online on a particular niche.

As a teacher, you are expected to have your own area of concentration where you can explain much more about.

This business is second on my list right? Oh yes, I decided to make it second on the list. Though I’m not listing according to it lucrative.

This shouldn’t be a tedious work for you as a teacher because you’ve familiar with scheme of work and some other things like lesson plan.

The reason why some writers are failing on this aspect is that they don’t dedicate their time, they don’t chose what they know more about and they are working with wrong client.

Not necessarily to be a writer to start this business. I started making money from freelance writing when i have no knowledge about writing.

Though my writing skill still there. I have to make more research on the topic i was given and from there i keep on improving as a writer.

You don’t need to have any amount to start this business. Unless for some freelancing website that you would need to promote your gig.

Below are some list of freelancing websites where you can actually make money as a writer.

  •  Upwork.com
  • Fivver.com
  • Freelancer
  • And many more.

What you just need to get started is that, you signup on those site, update your profile and start looking for clients.

I’ve also worked harder to provide you with this 10 sure websites that will surely pay you to write for them.

Affiliate Marketing

Online business ideas for teachers

This is a type of business where by you promote other people’s business online and you earn a commission whenever they buy through your affiliate link.

This business is common among the white people, especially bloggers.

You need to undergo some training before you can be successful in this business.

This business works in the sense that;

You look out for what people really want and not what people should needs.

Want may supersede needs. So look out for opportunity and then start up affiliate program on that niche.

To be stress free, I’ve compiled this eBook to get you started on affiliate marketing and start making money online.

Start a Blog – Online Business Ideas For Teachers To Make Money in Nigeria

how to make money blogging in nigeria

Wow this is my favorite! I’ve been making figure 8 from this business.

At least i used to cash out $500 from my main blog which has been generating thousands dollars for me every year.

Do you know you can also start making figure eight on blogging as a Teacher? Just ask me how!

What is blogging and how can Teachers make money from it?

Blogging is another online business where by you own a blog to disseminate useful information for the purpose of making money.

In Nigeria, there are has been a list of recorded successful bloggers who has made it in the blogging train.

If you don’t know any other successful bloggers in Nigeria, you should have heard about Linda Ikeji, Makinde Azeez and some other popular bloggers.

There are so ways to create a blog, so many platform you can host your blog. Both free and paid one.

But i want you to know that anything free isn’t good and not professional!

In this type of business you would need atleast 10,000 Naira to start up.

Alot of blogs are created on a daily basis but the major reasons why Nigerian bloggers fail on the long run are;

  • Lack of blogging knowledge.
  • Impatience
  • Lack of knowledge in the chosen niche.

Meanwhile, I’ve written a detail article that covers all what you need to be a successful as a Nigerian Teachers. You can claim your own now!

Online Tutorial

Online business ideas for teachers in Nigeria

Being a teacher you should have understand how to give student tutorial both online and offline.

Taking this opportunity to make extra money can earn you cash.

I think you don’t need any guide to start this business other than the website to work with.

As a teacher, what you just need is to continue with the subject you’re teaching in class. Offer those subjects online and make money in return!

The secrete that most people don’t know how this business is that they target wrong audience and work at the wrong place.

I’ve guided more than 20 Nigerian Teachers how to start online tutorial and which they have been making cool money online.

If you’d also like to participate in this money making business you can contact me.

YouTube Channel

Wow! If you are not a shy one, YouTube could be your best method to make extra money online as a teacher.

This doesn’t have any technical stuff. What you need is to log on www.youtube.com create your YouTube channel with your gmail account.

Chose the topic to be discussing on your channel.

Create your first content, make your channel optimize and start making money online as a teacher.

Conclusion on the best Online Business Ideas for Teachers.

As you can see, I’ve provided you with six (6) options. The ball is now in your court!

Chose right in other to make good money online as a teacher.

While some people still doubting on online jobs, some are cashing out millions on a monthly basis.

What are your thoughts on this great article that expose you to the best Online Business Ideas For Teachers To Make Money in Nigeria?

Don’t forget to share out to other teachers you know!

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