How To Make 2000 Naira Daily Online

In this post, I’ll be guiding you on how to make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria using a legal and fast way.

Whether you’re a student or a graduate with a job, you do realize that earning a little cash on the side wouldn’t be bad at all.

It is very good if you have other source generating income for you to support your normal job.

As an online marketer, I’ll like to share with you today how you can quickly make N2000 daily online in Nigeria.

But before i dive in, i want you to note that all what I’m going to reveal to you require consistency to make good money online.

How to make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria

How to make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria

Below are list of online job you can do to make 2000 naira daily:

  1. Online survey
  2. Affiliate program
  3. Mini importation business
  4. Sell recharge card online
  5. Write for bloggers/ Website owner.

Now let’s take a look at it one after the other.

Online survey as a way to make 2000 naira daily online

Have you ever heard about online survey? If no, never worry as I’ll be explaining what online survey is and how to make money with it.

Online survey is just way to make money online by taking some survey on a particular survey website.

Now what survey website can pay me 2000 naira daily online? Or even more.

You don’t need to rush, I’ll explaining from scratch and do know that they all works if properly plan.

Due to the lesser time we have, I’ll only talk about one legit online survey which I’m pretty sure you can make 2000 naira daily online.

The online survey in question is Ysense. Have you ever come across anything like ysense? Huh!

OK, we still have to explain that.

Make 2000 naira daily online from ysense website

Ysense as an online survey website has promised to pay anyone that participate in their online survey some certain amount of dollars on a daily basis.

But the problem you may encounter while operating Ysense is that you may not be able to cash out your money on a daily basis.

But there’s assurance that you can even make more than 2000 naira daily from the so called ysense survey program.

Apart from their survey program, they still pay you whenever people join their online survey program through your affiliate link.

Which means what? They also offer affiliate program which let you earn more cash. Wow! That’s good right?

Another extra things you can get from ysense is that;

  • They pay you whenver you play games online on their website.
  • Ysense pay you when you watch latest movie on their website.

What are you still waiting for? Kindly read this post from to learn more on how to make with this website.

Affiliate program can make you 2000 naira daily

How to make 2000 naira daily online

Let’s start from defining what affiliate program are and how people make money from it even without owning a website.

Affiliate marketing is a program in which allow anybody to make money online when ever you refer people to a particular website.

This program is common all over the world. If you’ve never heard about affiliate marketing then that mean you’ve been losing out for a decade.

So today I’ll give you list of affiliate marketing or program you can join that will surely covert more than 2000 naira daily.

Affiliate marketing that makes up to 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria

If i should start mentioning the best affiliate program that pay well in Nigeria, time won’t permit us.

But instead I’ll like to reveal to you list of affiliate marketing that will surely convert 2000 naira or more for you daily.

Below are 2 affiliate program I’m pretty sure about that can generate you or let you make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria.

These two affiliate program alone can solve your question: How to make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria.

Now how do they work? Read gently and follow my procedure to attain more than 2k daily online in online.

Do Adfly to make more than 2000 daily in Nigeria.

Adfly provides one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet.

It works with shortening a url by using their url shortening service instead of other url shortening services.

Let’s say you want to share the url on social media, what you’ll do is to sign in to your account, paste the url in the large text box, and shorten it to

Every time someone clicks the link, Adfly pays you.

How to make with Adfly

If you want to share your website link on any social network, rather than wasting the opportunity by sharing the original link,

You can just copy the link and shrink it on Adfly to earn money every single time someone clicks it.

You can even increase your sharing ratio on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn, BBM, and several other social media platforms.

How can i join Adfly affiliate program?

You like this method of monetization? You can quickly join the program by clicking on the link below, fill out your registration form and start earning cash.

Click here to join Adfly

Cashpiggy can also let you make 2000 naira daily.

Just like Ysense, Cashpiggy is another great way to make money online.

They offer a numbers of survey for people to carry out, ads for people to view, and games for people to play.

For every activity completed, you’d earn a certain amount of money.

Also, when you refer a friend to use the service, you’ll always earn a percentage of whatever that your friend earns for life!

How to join Cashpiggy?

To join Cashpiggy affiliate program you must have attained 18+ of age before you can join.

All you need to do is to visit this link , signup and start making your cash online.

Fiverr gig can make you more than 2000 daily in Nigeria.

Fiverr is an online market place where by you offer a freelance job and you earn a good amount.

But apart from being a freelance website they still offer affiliate program where by you invite your friend and you earn up to $15 to $50 per successful acquisition.

So if you have one skill or the other you can earn extra on fiverr.

How To Join Fiverr Affiliate Program

To join fiverr affiliate program you firstly need to signup with them, so after successfully signed up you can now join their affiliate marketing.

But to earn money with your affiliate link you need to source you will use your link to either buy or make transaction on fiverr.

To join fiverr affiliate program you can follow this link.

Mini Importation Business

How to make 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria

This is another business model that can generate you over 10000 naira/10k per day if properly planned.

But wait oo.. What is even mini importation all about?

This is a business where by you buy goods from oversee to own country in other to make money.

This business has been online for decade, though not everyone aware of it. It is common among the white.

But ever since black African took note of this, they’ve been making cool money from it. Both online and offline.

How do i start making cool money from mini importation business in Nigeria

It is very easy to make figure 8 from this business, though you’d need to undergo some little training just to be familiar with the concept of importation business.

Without wasting time, I’ll drop a link where by you can be able to use my blueprint to start this money making online business in Nigeria.

If you’d like to start importing goods from China, USA, UK to Nigeria. Kindly use my blueprint here.

Sell Recharge card/ Data Bundle Online

Recharge card business can also let you make more than 2000 naira profit per day. Just ask me how!

As we all know this generation is a computer period. We can’t do without accessing social media daily.

A lot of people are out there, looking for a way to buy cheap data in other to access the internet.

Today I’ll teach you the trick some guru are using to make More than 2000 naira profit on a daily basis from this business.

Are you ready to elevate? OK keep reading.

To start this data selling or recharge card selling business, you’ll need to register with network provider as a data reseller agent.

Then find like 10 – 12 thousands Naira to start this business. That’s if only you know people that will buy from you.

But if you don’t have yet, don’t worry I’ll still guide you to the right path.

Since you don’t have anybody to buy data bundle from you yet. Just purchase 2 – 5 thousands naira data bundle to kick start the business.

Then find student WhatsApp, telegram group chat to join and advertise your business in a way that won’t spam the group.

On a 2000 naira data plan you purchased, you can earn up to 700 naira profit which mean the higher you buy/ sell the higher you earn.

I hope this method also help you earn 2000 naira for a start. If you continue with this business, you can be earning more than 5k daily.

Write for bloggers to earn/ make 2000 naira daily online.

Did you even know you can earn extra money online while you work as a writer? Don’t be surprise!

There are many websites online that are ready to pay for what you like to write about.

You can search on the internet for available website that are ready to pay writer, apply for a job and if you’re granted congratulations.

I know of some website that can pay more than $50 (N18,000) for 2 – 3 thousands words.

If you’re lucky to write for this website, you will surely forget about searching for how to make 2000 naira daily online.

Meanwhile, Newlygist has promised to pay exactly 2000 naira per 1000 words on business niche.

If you’d like to join their writing team, kindly contact them.


Extra Bonus, Start selling on jumia to make 2000 naira daily

I hope you’ve heard about jumia? Good.

Did you know there’s something called jumia jforce which can let you make good money online whenever you make sales?

If you don’t know, I’ll let you know today.

What is jumia jforce?

This is a program organized by jumia which enable youth to be empowered online.

This things works in the sense that you register as a jforce agent and earn some extra percent whenever you help people to purchase goods on jumia.

Jumia won’t deduct from the person you help to buy goods, they will reward you for buying from them.

Another good news is that if you register as a jumia jforce agent and you purchase goods for your self, you still earn commission for that.

Now this jumia jforce has level in which let you earn bigger.

Am pretty sure this alone can let you make more than 5k per day if you do your research very well.

May i tell you of something? Jumia jforce really pay, if you can do your research to know everything about jforce.

Conclusion on how you can make 2000 naira daily online.

Making 2k/ 2000 naira daily online in Nigeria is very possible, especially if you’re a student or unemployed youth.

As I’ve said early, all these tips still work. It all depends on how you take time to manage it.

Even that jumia jforce and mini importation business is enough for you if you are prudent one.

Always just focus more than 2000 naira daily even if you later end up earning 2k. That isn’t. Is it? Of course No!

Thanks your head for coming across this well detail article that really cover and solve the problem of not having any amount on your bank account.

I wish you success on the point you later chose to make money online in Nigeria.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Don’t forget to share out to other student you know.

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