Mini importation Business in South Africa (How to start & make money)

In this guide I’ll be giving you my best guide on how to start mini importation business in south Africa which will let you make money fast.

Did you know you can start importing goods from China to South Africa? Even with little or no start up capital.

Starting mini importation business in South Africa is very easy like A,B,C but if you don’t have any knowledge about the business you may not succeed.

It is very easy to start this online money making business in south Africa but if you don’t have enough knowledge you might not succeed.

What is mini importation business

Mini importation business in south Africa

This is a business model where by you buy goods from another country at a cheaper price and sell it in your own country in other to make profit.

This business has been online for so long but not everyone aware of it until the successful ones started writing on how they earn millions.

So today, I’ll be guiding a-z of mini importation business in south Africa, the best website to buy at cheaper price and the goods that sell fast.

Where should we start oo? OK let’s start from mini importation website.

Mini importation website

Normally, there are many websites in which you can buy at a cheaper price. Though amongst all those websites, only one sell the most cheapest goods.

You can buy goods from Aliexpress, alibaba, tmall, 1688 and so on.

But according to research, was said and confirmed to be the best cheapest websites in China that sell the most quality and cheapest product.

But the issue with the website is that, it was designed only for Chinese people and if you can see it was coded in Chinese language.

But as an online marketer, I’ve made sure i make things simple and accessible for anyone who really have interest in starting this mini importation business in south Africa.

Should i tell you of something? 1688 covers all product you wish to start selling online. But the issue is, you need to learn how to buy from before you can successfully make order.

Without doubt, you would be able to ship in whatever goods you wish to sell online at a cheaper rate.

As a beginner, I’ll firstly need to link you to China importation agent. So as the business keep going, you will start familiar with other things.

How to ship/import goods from China to south Africa

This isn’t something hard, with our mini importation training you will be able to buy goods from any China websites and ship it to South Africa.

That’s not all, we’ll still make sure your goods reach the right audience which mean you have no problem with availability of market.

After that we’ll still help you get your e-commerce website launch at a cheaper rate which will help you to over your competitors.

However, below are what you need to start this mini importation business in south Africa;

  • Laptop or smartphone.
  • Data connection to the internet.
  • Start up capital of 10,000 naira or more.
  • Enroll for our mini importation training.

The process stated above still works for people that resides in South Africa also. All you just need to do now is to enroll on our premium training and start smiling to bank!

Source Out Your Mini Importation Business Startup Capital

Another essential things out also need to considered before taking a move to start mini importation business is to get enough startup capital ready.

So that you’d be able to start with the best product that sell fast in your locality or else you may be losing out on market.

There are many ways you can source your startup capital but I’ll only discuss on the best three (3) methods which are:

  1. Save up money from your pocket money
  2. Earn money from survey sites to start mini importation business
  3. Borrow money from either your friends or family.

Someone people will tell you to request a loan from banks, online loan platforms e.t.c

It is not advisable to go into such length before you could start up mini importation business because of some consequence behind lending money from an organization.

I should have listed out those consequence here but time don’t permit us.

(1) Save up money from your pocket money

If your like me that don’t spend all my pocket money finish, this is for you.

You can just try and save up some amount of cash from the money you’re receiving from home to start your importation business and before you could know it,

you would be the one to tell your parents not to send you any cash again in other to help them save up their salaries.

Or you just keep taking it and use it for something else. Are you receiving cash from home?

OK, I understand the fact that not all those reading this post are receiving cash from home. But there should be one or two things serving you as source of income.

Take that opportunity to economize your spendings in other to afford mini importation expenses.

(2) Earn money from survey sites to start mini importation business

If you don’t have the first option provided above there’s still another two things you could do to start mini importation business.

Which are to earn money from online surveys and make money from bitcoin faucet site.

Earn Money Online by Complete survey

Did you know that there are websites that pay you to complete survey on their site? One of them is ClixSense/Ysense.

What is ClixSense/Ysense?

This is a website that would pay you whenever you complete a survey on their site, watch videos, play games and many more.

How to make money from this site to start mini importation business?

Do you want to know how to make money from Ysense to start your mini importation business? Note that Ysense is very easy and straight forward.

All what you need to do right now is to visit this article, read it very well and make sure you understand every aspect then you start making money from Ysense.

Earn Money From Bitcoin Faucets Site

Bitcoin faucet sites are those websites you can easily earn free bitcoin online by just playing games.

You can register and start making money online.

Read Also: How To Earn Free Bitcoin Online Using Your Smartphone

(3) Borrow money from either your friends or family.

You can reach out to your friends and family, inform them about the new business your about to start and ask for their support.

If your a type with good parents, you can tell them to borrow you some cash to kick start this mini importation business in South Africa.

Don’t forget Dangote who is now the richest man in Africa borrowed his first startup capital to start his dreamed business then.

You can also borrow some certain amount and focus on returning it back soon.

Enroll For Mini Importation Training

Do you really need to start mini importation business in south Africa? If yes continue reading.

After you have learnt how to plan for mini importation business, the next step for you to take is to enroll for mini importation business and start your importation business in Nigeria.

But if I don’t tell you this bitter truth, you’d still keep searching the net on how to start mini importation business.

The truth here is that no one would ever reveal this mini importation training for you for free! Why?

It’s because everyone paid to learn this stuff, so they won’t give it out for free.

As at time writing, I’ve trained over 5000 people from different locations in Africa and they are doing well importing goods to their preferred countries.

By the way, why not try out my premium training on how to start mini importation business in NigeriaNigeria and start making money online.

What You Should Expect From Our Mini Importation Training

  • You will learn exactly how to start mini importation business in Nigeria, Ghana, & South Africa.
  • We will be assigned your country’s shipping agent from China {which means you’ll be receiving your goods at your doorstep}
  • You would be given mini importation free eBook/PDF (For better understanding)
  • We’ll reveal the hot goods that sell fast in market.

All these for you? Wow..! Don’t sleep on it, grab your own Copt now!

To enroll for this training, kindly contact the staff in charge to reserve a seat.

Order Your First Goods!

Hmmn.. This is the real game! After you must have gathered enough information on how this business works the next thing is to take first order.

How to do that? It’s very simple like A,B,C. I was once in your shoe, but when i took time to learn how it works I now learnt that it is very simple.

But will look somehow if you have no knowledge about the whole things.

Did you know what step I’m expecting you to take right now? You should quickly grab this opportunity and enroll for the training.

Receive Your Goods From China

Some people are familiar with the website (1688) but don’t know how to receive their goods after placing order.

Are you encountering any difficulty after you’ve selected what to buy from the website? We can help you out.

Normally there are three (3) ways to receive your Goods from China but we are only going to talk about the two (2) best ones in our premium training on mini importation business in Ghana, Nigeria, & South Africa.

Why not try our training today? I’m pretty sure you’d be happy to bring your friend into this business.

Get Online Store to Showcase/ Display your Product

We all know mini importation business is a cool business in south Africa, but we still need go package things in other to make cool money.

To make the whole thing professional, and for easy display of your product I’ll advice you to get e-commerce store like jumia, Ajebomarket and so on.

This process make it easy for customers to know and see what exactly you have in store and he price you sell them. I hope you know what online store is all about? Good!

Don’t forget to get your business registered with CAC so customers can have more trust in you.

Benefit Of Setting Up E-commerce Store For Your Mini Importation Business
  • It make your business looks more professional
  • Customers can quickly make new order even though you are not online.
  • They get tobkmow what exactly they are about to buy through your description section, and how much is it (price tag)
  • It makes you earn more money while you’re sleeping, and deliver product when your awake smile..
How To Get Your Business One E-commerce Store?

Do you wish to get your business one e-commerce website? Have it in mind that, it’s all business that needs website not only mini importation business personnel.

Meanwhile we’ve promised to help you set up e-commerce store for your brand, plus a customize professional email account and still tutor you how to use it.

To get your business one e-commerce store kindly contact us now at an affordable price!

Start Making Money Doing this Importation Business in Nigeria, GH & SA

If you really follow my steps by steps guide you won’t have problem doing this business and you’ll also make good money from it.

Assuming you buy a top from China at the rate of N500 and you sell it for 1,500 Naira. That’s upto¬† gain!

If you could manage to make upto 10 sales, that’s a huge gain for you. Yes i know you’d still need to pay shipping fee, all gonna wrap up at 750 Naira and make almost 2 x.


Wrapping up on Mini Importation Business

Starting mini importation business in South Africa is one of the best decision you’ve ever made to make fast money online.

Mini Importation Business in South Africa is still one of the best online/offline business you can do in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa with a little startup capital.

I hope you really enjoy reading this post? Don’t forget to share this useful content out to friends and family to benefit from our mini importation business training in south Africa.



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