Online Jobs For Teenagers To Make $1000 Fast

Are you 18 or under 18 years? Do you want to know the best online jobs for teenagers to make money fast?

We are in the world of technology where everyone is looking for a way to make good money online. But male and female, adults and teenagers.

We are all desperate about making cool money either online or offline. We just don’t want to care about anything other than to make money.

And secret behind making money online has not really clear to everyone. We all believe when we also, money will surely come.

Have you ever see an old age man of 78yrs living a poor life? Does it mean the man didn’t hustle during his teenage.

The fact still remain that, it is not how far but how well.

Due to the report I’m seeing on social media talking about how people of one country scamming other people from different country.

This has got me to write this great article that will expose our teenagers to the best online jobs for teens to make money fast.

Though not all teens really searching for this but i know this would be of help to some teenagers.

Now let’s dive into the main topic and explain some ways to make money as a teenagers.

In this guide I’ll be sharing with you the best online jobs for teenagers to make extra money fast online.

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Why Do Teenagers Want To Make Money?

Online jobs for teenagers

Teens would want to make money online because of the following reasons:

They Don’t Want To Become A Broke Nigga When They Grown Up

Yes, not everyone like to be poor, but sometimes you just don’t have option.. So far that’s what you’re destine with, you can’t overshadow your destiny.

For this reason, teens still believe if they could work hard during their teenage period there’s a chance of becoming rich.

Now tell me, the most richest men in the world started their lucrative business at what age? Teenage or what?

You can’t really say? That means its not varies.

Their Friends Are Making Money Online As A Teenage

Online jobs for teenagers

There are some set of teens that would like to start making money online by doing some online jobs for teenagers because they see their mates making figure eights.

For this reason, most teenagers would be inspires to start their online jobs for the purpose of making money.

Another reason why teens geared to start online jobs is that they see the way their elders or parents are making cool money online.

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They see how elderly people makes money online

Yes teens would want to start online jobs because they can see their elderly people who has already making cool money online and want to do the same.

It is possible they start online jobs for teenagers also since they have been inspired by their elderly ones.

Online Jobs For Teenagers

Online jobs for teenagers to make money

As a teen i know you will be looking for a way to make extra money online so as to pay for some bills.

Are you ready to elevate? Below are the list of online jobs for teens to make money fast in UK, USA, Nigeria.

  1. Online Surveys.
  2. Instagram
  3. Dropshipping
  4. Freelancing jobs
  5. YouTube channel
  6. Start a blog
  7. Tutorial.

Listing all these alone can’t solve the problem, we still need to break them down one after the other.

Is it compulsory we start accordingly, no but let’s just pick it randomly.

Now i need your attention for just 10 minutes, I’m very sure you will gain more knowledge and you would be exposed to what you’ve never thought of.

Complete survey as Online jobs for teenagers

I don’t know if this is your first time of hearing this. Online survey? If yes, you still don’t need to worry I’ll break everything down.

What are surveys and how does it works?

What Are Online Surveys?

Online surveys are just websites that pay you to complete survey on their website.

The prices are of different range, they pay more than each other and they have different ways of operations.

List of the best online survey for teenagers to make money

  • E-POLL
  • My survey/ life point
  • Survey Junkie
  • Survey Rewardz
  • and so many more!

Lets look at it one after the other.

E-poll as an online jobs for teenagers

Minimum age required: 13yrs

This online survey allow teenagers to make more money online by completing online survey on e-poll.

The good news about this survey is that, it is very simple and easy to cash-out after you’ve earned some points up to 3,000 points.

payment is through Paypal and gift card.

For registration, you can follow this link to earn free 100 point.

My Survey Junkie

This is another money making online survey that teenagers can do to make money.

It has age limit, which children of less than 13 years can not participate on.

Once you are up to 13 years of age, you’re qualify to participate in this online survey. You would be able to cash out your money immediately you reach the threshold.

You can earn more than $5 on a survey if you’re qualify to participate.

Once you’ve registered, you will need to go and check your email for account confirmation before you can be able to request for payout.

To register, kindly follow this link

My Survey/ Life point

Minimum age required: 16 years of age!

This is another survey which serves as online jobs for teenagers. Life point which was formally known as MY SURVEY has been around as far back as 2001 and has been leading in the survey train.

But the problem here is that, unlike other surveys i’ve mentioned above you won’t be bale to participate on this survey if you are not up to 16 years of age.

You can actually make good money from this website if you are very smart.

To participate, use this link to signup and start making money online as a teenager.

Survey Rewards – online jobs for teenagers

minimum age required – 13 years of age!

This is another opportunity for teens to make money online doing survey.

To me, this site offers the best feature a survey site should have. what are those things?

They allow you to withdraw minimum of $1 which is very good. As we all know, survey is not a get rich quick but atleast that $1 CAN PAY A BILL.

Payment is through Paypal.

You can follow this link to participate.

Instagram as another way for teens to make money

As a smart teen, you can take advantages of social media handle to make cool money online. Ask me how to do it?

There is no trick here, all you need to do is to log to or you go on google play store to download Instagram app.

After downloading the app, create account, follow instram influencers and start looking for huge followers.

The best practical way i’ve been using to acquire instagram followers are:

  • Always stay online
  • Post always
  • Always like and comment on people’s post
  • Or you go for Instagram ads.

Once you have more than 10 thousands followers on your instagram account you can start promoting people’s product on your page which you can charge them any amount you like.

Apart from this option, you can also help business organisations to build up their instagram account for a certain amount of cash.

Start Dropshipping Business to make money as a Teenagers

online jobs for teenagers

I hope you’ve heard about dropshipping business before? Ok good!

This is a business model where by you sell what you don’t own/ have in your store for people online.

This business has no age limit, once you have understand the basic and concept of drop shipping you can actually start making money as a teenagers.

But how do you start this business?

To start making money from business as a Teen, you can read this great article from newlygist which really explain how to start and make money.

Freelancing Jobs

Freelance work are those works you render out to other people online in other to make more money.

If you are still looking for the best online jobs for teens then freelance job could be the best.

This type of job only require your skill to make money online. So if you would like to make money online as a teen you must possess one or more skill which you can deliver online.

Bellow are some skill you can monetize online:

  • Web design
  • App Development
  • Graphics Design
  • And many more.

To make make money with all these skill you can go to and lots more.

YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is also one of the best way for Teen to make good money online but not all Teenagers aware of this.

Being a smart teen, you can go on to create Youtube channel and start making awesome videos to make good money from your channel.

To get started, go to signup with your gmail account and create your channel.

After creating your channel, the next thing is to start creating good quality content (Youtube video)

Start a Blog to make money as a Teenager

Nowadays that bloggers are making cool money on the internet, the blogging train has been divided thou but people are still making money in a different ways.

Choosing blogging as part of your hubbies is a good idea for a teenager. The fact is, owning a blog has no age limit which give you opportunity to own your own blog as well.

If you don’t know anything about blogging i will definitely help your life and put you through the right channel.

You can contact us for more information on how to start a blog.

Organize Online Tutorial to make money as a Teenagers.

If you are a type with one or more knowledge about what you think people might find useful, you can go along to organize tutorial.

You can go to online forum to make announcement about the tutorial, what is all about and how people can join your train.

Forum like nairaland is a good place to make such announcement and place your tutorial venue on whatsapp if you don’t have a blog yet.

From this, you earn more money online as a teen and i am very sure you will forget searching about online jobs for Teenagers.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, making money as a teenage is very easy, possible and simple. You just need to pick from the aforementioned points and thanks me later.

What are your thoughts on this great article? kindly use the comment box bellow to contribute your opinion and don’t forget to share it with other friends to benefit!



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