MY Sister’s ghost CHAPTER 1️⃣



“It’s just that it’s painful for the person you want to be yours to hear that he doesn’t love you even once; that’s why I played that brother.”

Mumy “Flower, go get a basket out there and dig in the hole

Me “Aaah sure here you don’t relax kaaa

Mumy “said what🤨

Me “is not there

My name is Ruvarashe Moyo, aged 21years. I grew up on the Seke beach of Dhizha. In our family, we were just born two girls, and I will be the last to say that my sister Rumbidzai got married last month, which is 24 years old. Dad’s gone. We just live to make barter trade in that group.

When I thought of Donald being the man who married my sister, I felt terrible because Donny had been my crush since I was 16 years old, when he went to Harare and came back to our suburbs where he made a change in his finances but guess what he did with Rumbi. In the early days, I cried a lot, but usually, I didn’t cry but just a little bit of grumbling

Back to my story, I took my basket out and started to dig in the hole while my mother was chopping straw.

As time went on, we had finished our dinner and then had some fun for a while and then spread out our bed and bed…

(Next Day)

Mumy “Flower

Me “mum

Mumy “sent you to the mill

Me “haayac

Mumy, “you want to kill me with every bit I sent you just to lie. Do you think I’m your age me

Me “Mommy, maybe when you go mega aaaaa

So I even picked up my Bucket and headed for the well. Milling is not a good thing for me, but it was a shame to go alone as I was used to going with Rumbi. I left them screaming at that house now no matter, and they’ll go alone there on their own

(* Rumbie *)

I had just finished getting my hubby lunch box at work when Mumy’s call came in, and I called my Mom

‘My mother

📞Rumbie I for your brother have failed here

What’s the matter, Ma.’

Since you left, he has been abusive to me here, I sent him away, and I told him to go to Chigayo, but he still decided to go to the well instead of where I sent him. What do you say about it? I don’t want to live with dogs, and I don’t want to die of stress

Doesn’t he miss me, Mom, even though I miss him? I think maybe that’s why he said that

No wind that blows

📞kkk, ok Mumy, I heard it but did you think it’s a good idea to bring a Flower here than to stay alone is not possible, so find a maid who will always help you with chores there

When you’re done, Rumbie, come and get the breath here I feel and breathe for me

📞kkkk don’t Mumy, let me tell your son-in-law

The Pharisee, my son, is a Pharisee

Mum will Mumy, will call you back and tell you why it stopped

I believe my son

I grabbed my phone and walked into Hubby’s Bedroom. I started to help him tie his tie …

Me “babe

Donny “yes, my love

Me “I have a story kaaa

Donny “tell me

* He said, holding me by the waist, please my husband loved me, I was blessed to have him *

Me “Mum had been asking for Ruva to come and stay with us this holiday

Donny “really oooh let them come longing for my Mainini, when is she coming

Me “whatever

Donny “let us do this, I’ll send the bus fare, or you can go and pick her up

Let’s face it – most companies will pay you to bring them down

Donny “kkkk is a commodity

Me “tsek uku

We laughed at my husband. Donny was real husband material, and love was given to me.

We lived in WarrenPark. We lived at a 7roomed house just two. His parents lived in Hwange, so l was free of my kkk to live with Mwene for football or girls …


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End of Chapter

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