* MY * 🦇🦇Sister’s Ghost 🦇🦇 CHAPTER 2️⃣

* MY * 🦇🦇Sister’s Ghost 🦇🦇 CHAPTER

* (Rumbi) *

I woke up the following day and got ready for the grocery store for Mom. I knew my mother by mouth in the hotel for sweets. This time they even said that its spirit was glad to get the cocks fighting. The worm that consumed them spiced curry I had wanted to bring into town in the village of sweetness.
I applied the powder while my Donny polished his shoes. You know the women we touch on this chart, and the men’s hearts are almost burning and angry. Just because the idiot is his hubby was already used to my systems. I ended up with a man who called you a car hooter.

I almost ran to the door of the house where we were staying. This shoe was the only foot you could hear. To be honest, Donny was everything to me. He was my world mind, real material husband. If anyone wanted a true definition of a good and romantic husband, I would just call him to my house, and he was so caring.

I was eventually escorted by a car to a bus stop on the bus to the market.



Mummy, “welcome to your heart since you grabbed the cock in your mouth …

Me “welcome, mama..your son-in-law told me to go; it will be obvious.”

Mummy: “Well, why don’t you, Ruvarashe, stay locked up in that room, and you don’t see the sun in the sky. Your sister is here.

Ruva .. “hiiii, did you say sisi Rumbi came?”

“My cousin is a girl from bed until this time, but she is sick.


Flower. “No, sister, just feeling weak. I spent the whole day being watered by these older men. Thank God you came to rescue me; maybe I can rest too.

(Believed Ruvarashe was in his room shouting)

Mummy “don’t want to be so lazy, you Ruva, don’t you want to eat? Where do you think I can buy the sugar.

Me “kkkkkkk but mama girls, what exactly does Ruva I knew be a good person. Man, when it comes to talking, she meets her uncle with a mouth full of flies too.”

Mummy .. “aewa, carry it away, baby. My son-in-law just says the winds are coming now. He will be powerful.”


* (Ruvarashe) *

They just left and hugged the mother and daughter while I was busy packing my clothes. I would think of Donald and stop packing and smile and start sewing clothes for my monarch. I was going to take what was rightfully mine. The authorities said that it was wise to do so.

Other ideas are to let him go; he’s not yours; he’s already your sister’s husband. You can find your own man. Just let him go if they are happy with your sister.😴😴😴

But my honest thoughts were the same now. Hanzi, hey, don’t be a coward. Grab what is yours and leave. Isn’t he your first crush here? Go for his fight for your man. 😅😴😴😴

I was shocked by Sister Rumbi.😱😱


Rumbi “What do you think holding the pant in your hands is so good?”

Me “ah sisi, how long have you been here ..”

Rumbi “I came in here yesterday😅 (laughing). Don’t tell me you didn’t see me coming in here?”


Me “. Truly speaking, I don’t see you, sisi. Curiosity is what confuses me think.”

Rumbi “which curiosity now. Want to see Harare or your brother..heeee?”


My heart pounded when I heard that my brother, if only Sister Rumbi, had seen it, but I quickly hid it. I didn’t want to hurt my cousin. But I had no option; I was falling in love with their husband on my own. I dnt know how the story would end.


* (Donald) *

I was doing my temporal teaching at Dhizha. I was still in college, so I was told to do some practicals and have fun there. I taught form 3s mathematics and science. Dating with schoolchildren was not amongst my goals. I just wanted to do my job. Then I go back to finish my schooling.

Oh, sorry, I just suddenly started talking before I got to know you. My name is Donald Tonje. I am a young man age 30. I’m handsome what I see for myself, and I do not wait to be told. I’m tall and slim. I’m married to Rumbi, and as she always says, I’m husband material. I love my wife, and she loves me too. In short, I can say we are solo namutsai.

Back to my story…

At Dhizha school, I taught one child, so hmmm, she was so cute, mhani. It had a curved body that I could see even wearing a uniform backpack. It would consume me when it comes to sports day. To be sure, the baby was beautiful. She was form 3 and was 16 yrs. It had a prison in front, but it didn’t that one of them is already in front of me. I tried to avoid it, but you know their love just goes away and stays together. I think we had a crush on this guy.

But somehow, I fell in love with her sister, who was in form 4, and I think she was a repeater bcoz she was in her early 20s. Her name was Rumbi. Rumbi then told me to stop looking at her sister bcoz she was still young. I got mad at Rumbi until I finished my temporary teaching, and no one noticed it, even the headmaster.
To cut the story short, Rumbi is now my wife.


I was already sitting on the couch watching Al Jezeera news. I heard the gate of the house on the tailodger open. My heart pounded as I made eye contact with Aunt Ruva, pretending to be the first to meet. Hmm, this time, my aunt was ahead. Her beauty then reminded me of my days while I was at Dhizha. They ran and hugged me, and I felt their breasts piercing my chest, and I felt blood filling my veins…



End of Chapter

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