MY * 🦇Sister’s Ghost 🦇🦇 CHAPTER 4️⃣


(* Donny *)

It was just the older man’s urge in the courtroom to gnaw on all the teeth like teeth. I just drank it too so that she would not cry. Yes, at that moment, the thoughts of thinking of Aunt Ruva used to move, but when I saw them, the drum was just that. Whenever I remembered the stabbing in my chest and my aunt’s breast, I felt a tingle. Hmmm, sure, satan was keeping me a bitch gradually.

But why mhani. I would ask myself so after a long time to think deeply.
My beautiful wife Rumbi loves me, and I love her too. And on the other hand, I have to make a father for Ruva since their father was missing. What does love want to do?
So true love is what it is now. Is it Rumbi or Aunt Rose’s? Oh God plz help me. I’m now on a love web; what can I do … I’m confused.😴😴😴

I was shocked by the Malawian hooters and realised that I had become a driver. It was just a body or mind that was on the battlefield of Shaka the Zulu.

😴😴😴haaaa, but no, man, mainini Ruva don’t want to scatter my house. I even picked them up and took them outside and always told them that pliz there is nothing called love between us. I love your sister, not you. So plz if there are any maths you want to work the answer is impossible or else I will tell your sister to send you back to the village😴😴😴.
(That’s what I told myself mentally)


Suddenly, I was at the gate that Aunt Ruva had opened. She was wearing a kadress that flashed when I hit them with a car. To be honest, my aunt was stuff, though. I could see the hips following the dress they were wearing. The tight they were wearing could be seen in the distance from the bottom of the lights there. Then they opened the gate and lifted the metal into the hole that stopped the gate from moving, haaaa you can just hear me here, and I said that that is the hole in the fountain of love with the head like a pea.


My aunt then stood at the door to get out of the car and accepted the bag. I was given a soft hug and choked on a single video that shook my whole body.

To avoid more … I walked straight to the house before John woke up bcoz it would be a housewife matter. As I had planned to reprimand my aunt, I resigned myself immediately.

😴😴haaaaa aunty I will tell them one day i😴😴



(* Flower *)

There was one thing I knew that I was far much better than my sister. Sisi Rumbi did not have time to play with Chimimba’s grandmother during her growing up. We, our father’s mother, were born long ago with my grandfather. Dad passed away later but we were still in primary. So we only grew up with moms. We were just 2 in our family with Sister Rumbi.

By the way, you may want to know who is Chimimba’s grandmother. Ok .. she was an old lady who lived in our village of Shangani. We just grew up in our town, so I didn’t bother myself looking for a lot about her. She was so generous, especially when it comes to young ladies during adolescent periods.

The name Chimimba was her real nickname I never knew. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. I think ua getting me right. Hanzi used to say, “no man likes a pregnant woman in a cage. Bodo doesn’t live”.
So hen is the origin of the name pregnancy.


Then back to my story again,
I just grew up liking Grandma Pregnancy until I was going through periods. They then took me to a so-called shrine where I was taught all sorts of sexual styles. Among all the girls who taught me but gave me a hammer, they said, granddaughter, the man who will marry you, will eat with the king. And they begged me to pliz never play near a sister bcoz their house would collapse. That was the last thing they would say to me—Thats why I was different from Sister Rumbi.


I grabbed Uncle Donny and hugged him with a hug and then grabbed their books in the back seat. They just walked into the house. I dnt know why they ran away. 😝

But are the adults avoiding me? Why are they running into the house like we have been insulted? By this time, Sister Rumbi had gone to church for the third time. I was home alone.



In matters of love, a representative in parliament. I knew about the subject, so oh. Just that colour doesn’t move, waiting for the colours to appear. And it’s not normal for a girl to tell a boy that she loves him, why Donny was slow to realise that on him I was sincere.

I went into the dining room and saw the older man sitting on his sofa watching the 8 o’clock news … he smelled like that, and it was my first time to smell alcohol. When did it start?.


Donny ”

Where has your sister gone, auntie? ”

Me “they went to church but didn’t they tell you.”


Donny: “No, they didn’t just say good morning. I turned off my phone when I got here.”


Me “churchgoers are great.”

So I got up to serve them straw. This day the boss was a little embarrassed. I know that the rejection of alcohol would have robbed them of confidence now.


Me “kazii ziii kenyu Ako bho here bamkuru.”

(I challenged them, I knew someone had drunk this)


Donny “haaa bho zvkt manini; it’s just that I’m so tired … If you could just get me a shower, I’ll wash and eat.”


Me “it’s ok great.”


I put a shower on them, and they went into their bedroom, took a moment and came out wearing shorts that left their legs that were flat and hairy. Hmmm, this guy ka haaaa jealousy down allowed in the heart ikatsi only mhani. I felt blood rushing through my veins. My sister was eating her rice.


Donny “pass me the Colgate that my aunt forgot”


Me “ok, sir.’


It was my first time getting close to Donny wearing a vest and shorts like this. I then made to stand right under her and grabbed their toothbrush in my hand to apply the toothpaste to them. This time I was doing a little bit of breaking my leg right under him. I saw that the champion bp was making it up, and I said in my heart, play with the dog tail I have too.
I turned around and went back to the sofa, playing with what my uncle had given me. Of course, I knew that my older brother was suffering from back injuries.
I turned around as soon as they reached the sofa and saw Donny staring at me.

He then pretended to wipe his eyes, but it was too late.

Me “chilli but have you been scolded or bitten.”


Donny “no, auntie, my eye doesn’t know what it’s been doing since yesterday.”


Me “Mirai tione.”

(I then got up in my high-rise dress and never pulled down like other women in town.)

Donald angrily grabbed me. Then we looked at each other and talked about love. There was a knock on the door …

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