MY  Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER  3️⃣

* MY  Sister’s Ghost * 🦇🦇


(* Flower *)

The boss had already provoked him while he was asleep and was told to pour sugar on him; the hug I had with them heightened my feelings so much that I wanted to hug him for a very long time.

We entered the house and greeted each other, but they did not stay up late and ran as they wanted to go to work, and there were only two of us left. Rumbi then showed me the room I was going to sleep in. It was neat, and we went back to our dining room …

Rumbi “main Ruva

Me “we

Rumbi “since you have come here, my mother’s child is already awake; this is Harare, the young men there are; all I want you to do is not you

Me “don’t be afraid of me

Rumbi “and again, small tumini here I do not want kkk

Me “haa Maya we don’t

Rumbi, “the man, is ours, but the owner is me

In my heart, I just wondered if he would not finish saying mhani Aaah nxaa

Rumbi “kitchen is this, are you hungry

Me “real hunger kkk cook me some pliz

Rumbi “kkkk I saw it


(* Donny *)

Aaah, go on this day. I have never worked so hard at your job. To be honest, Ruvarashe, I didn’t like him, but I couldn’t work just thinking about him. I luv Rumbie only, not Ruva. Oooh, Lord, remove this spirit in me, especially my wife me. I reject adultery and accept faithfulness

Freddy “Boss Dobba’s silence is nowhere

“This was one of my co-workers who was just a Student teacher. He said, take a seat and always looked at me. He called me by my nickname kkk, this was a friend, + I could do nothing without telling him.

Donny “Freddy I’m on1

Freddy “what’s up

Donny “Madam, my family, has brought their sister home

Freddy “so bad

Donny “Dizzy, wait for me to finish

Freddy “kk ok shoot

Donny, “My aunt is a bit of a jerk when she used to be my crush growing up. I’m not saying I’m in love with her haaa no; I’m just saying I’m just thinking of you.

Freddy “Boss Dobba, you know I’m single right kkk throw babe here

Donny: “I’m not going to let my nieces and nephews get in trouble like you

Freddy “k, so you don’t need my help kaa

Donny “no help me, l do need your help

Freddy “Boss, my advice is don’t run into conclusions hanty, chill up hanty then make sure the nuns are interested in you, if so then warn Madam to send her back before it’s too bad. Because stories like this we hear all over, that ana Mainini took the children we are men so all l can advise you now is to vet the rat along with its tail

Donny “my anx

Freddy “After work, let’s go to the Bawuwa for a drink, its Friday boss

Donny, “My madam, yells at the smell of alcohol

Freddy “The work of the Mints is this

Donny “tseq you ok toenda

Freddy “wasp aka Boss


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End of Chapter

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