MY Sister’s Ghost Chapter * 5️⃣


(* Flower *)

You know some people like natural air. It just happens naturally as I was stuck with a knife at the knock on the Door. I angrily got up and opened the door while the Chief had already run to his Bedroom.

Rumbi “sister

Me “is what

He went in and sat on the sofa, and I stood in front of him. I felt angry once and for all nxaaa

Rumbie “don’t sit down yet

Me “I wanted to sleep through

Rumbie “Where is your Uncle?

Me “hameno is in their Room

Rumbie, “ok, go to bed, Ruva, don’t forget to pray ended today at the Church where I blessed the message I was focusing on…

I even cut him off before he could move on

Me “good night

Then I went to my room. Then they threw themselves on the Bed. Memories were beginning to form
Donny, of course, we wouldn’t have done that right Aaah Rumbie, real evil spirits

(An hour later)

I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen and picked up a can in the Fridge and drank a real mouthful to grab a cup was another story

I said maybe I had a hearing impairment and then stopped pumping water. When I heard screams coming from the cats, I realised that the pot and drum were being burned in the room.

I sighed and stood leaning against their door with my ears open like a real rabbit, squeezing saliva.

I wondered if Rumbie was in his world. His screams echoed through the man at work. I almost cried when I wished I was, and I almost wanted to knock on their door.

I went back to bed, but my mind was full of grief and jealousy. If Rumbie wasn’t there in my life, maybe l could have been married to Donny, but look now, she is there, busy enjoying what doesn’t belong to her ….


(* Rumbie *)

I got up and got her hubby ready for work and left on his own. Then I started rushing to wash the dishes; Ruva hadn’t woken up yet, so I just said let her rest my mother’s baby

Anyway, she came in, and I was busy with washing and singing in my Gospel music …

Rumbie “Ruvarashe

The flower “woke up.”

Rumbie “How are you?

Flower “bhoe hanu

Rumbie “nice girl, together I thought baby girl

Then I stopped washing and turned around to look at her

Flower “you think

Rumbie: “If you’re looking for a job, don’t you?

Flower “almost work but did I punch you here, or is it speak out rather than hitting the bush with a leopard tail

Rumbie “here’s the coach with you 🙄 let mama cry with you. You don’t like me.

Ruva “do l look like a beggar to you huh, did l force you to bring me here Rumbidzai

Rumbie “Know you’re talking better

Flower “with you

Rumbie “this is my house Ruvarashe, don’t come to judge me in the house mangy if it bothers you; pack your bags and leave my house like now🤨🤨 Leave

Then he bowed his head to the ground

Ruva “I am sorry Rumbi

Rumbie “I’m great for you, Ruvarashe, you should learn some respect, ok

Flower “my apology

Rumbie “so what permitted you to make me angry. But there is something wrong with you

Flower “yes

Rumbie “big or small issue

Flower “big one Rumbie

Rumbie “okay, let’s go-to dining and give it to me

We then sat on the same Sofa

Rumbie “now tell me

Flower “Rumbie let’s say you have a boyfriend you want to date, then you just hear he’s married.

I started laughing at myself, saying that the issue is sooo okay it doesn’t even make sense

Rumbie “shit happens, my darling
Flower, “please say constructively

Rumbie “sorry,  ok ok, usually in cases like this, one has to just move on with life coz if he gets married, it’s already drunk. You can’t force a relationship on a married man because he’s almost a human stove. My advice is, someone just moves on and find a perfect suiter for yourself.

Flower “ok

Rumbie, “but is there an uncle of ours who said okay

Ruva “no, okay

The door opened, hubby walked in, indicating that he was on the run and his face was bubbly. He didn’t even want to stop and listen…

Donny “babe, guess what

Then I got up quickly

Rumbie “yes tipirei

Donny “is the receiver call from Mr Peter, the manager of the Interview where you went, he said that tomorrow you should go to the Sheraton Hotel, and your work will start tomorrow.

Rumbie “🤭🤭What

Donny “Uniforms and staff are given hunie tomorrow. You came in ☺️☺️

Rumbie “wooow good news hunie, can’t believe it

Donny “hug of love

We then hugged H

My hubby, wooooow. I can’t believe that finally, my dream has come. I already work at Hotso hot😋😋😋😋 doing my catering department wooooow good news for you; God is there…

Ruva “happy for you, sis

Rumbie “thanx my darling ☺️

Flower “so you will use it

Rumbie “obvious I’m just coming home over the weekends

Ruva “wooow great then

Rumbie “great payii 🤔

Ruva “okay, don’t mind me, sis

Rumbie “ok then…

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End of Chapter

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