MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER 6️⃣



(* Rumbi *)

Of course, when the spirits give you a wound, they tell the flies to eat it. I even laughed to myself at the tragedy as peace with the question Ruvarashe had asked me. Indeed my cousin is the one who has taken away her boyfriend’s god to be with her. She refused to tell me her story, but my cousin knew her.

It is not hard to see why someone would want to do that. He just made a move on a hara full of boys that just needed to wake up.

Ah, you, the misfortune of another is not avoided. I also had my grievances of unemployment. But still, the sun is setting, and it has many meanings. Hubby came up with the surprise that I got a job at the Sheraton Hotel at the holiday inn there. I felt like I would scratch him with a human being with a hug, and then they kissed me; ah, you just felt like you were the one who got me a job.

The terms and conditions of the job are the ones that used to make me sick bcoz I only came back home for a week. I was worried that my husband would be better off. But I just made it easy bcoz Flower was around. She was going to take care of my hubby. Lovemaking was also a second issue but not a major one. Does lovemaking bring bread patable? Will it ever run away. Plus, when I come at the weekend, we will find it and then it will be fun 🙈🙈🙈 .


(* Monday morning * …)

I woke up at 5 am to get ready for my work bag and went to bed with a bag full. I had already been told I was arriving to start work, so I had to call 0700hrs. Hubby escorted me by car, and he dropped me off right at the gate as usual kiss burned the words of love we exchanged. (Yeah, that’s what love is, and make it fun).


* (Flower) *


What you get hold of the spirits does not give twice. This time Donny wasn’t coming out of my trap. Once he got between my legs, he knew what stopped the dog from talking but lying as he could. I accepted him so much that if he forgot his name, okay. You could say that Aunt Ruva is flying a straw plane. Maya, I was taught by Grandma Chimimba. Oh, sorry, you might want to know who Chimimba is hanty. Ok, let me tell you, don’t listen to gossip.

The pregnant woman is from Beitbridge, but they moved in with us laughing. The name Pregnancy is given to people, and they used to say that a pregnant woman in the bush would kick a man if she looked at him. So the origin of the name pregnancy. It was an older woman who took me to a shrine and taught me that a man is not satisfied with just a straw.

My sister Rumbi always refused to be held, and I had to avoid going to the lessons since my mother refused. That’s why I wanted Donny to give me even half a chance.


* Later evening *

I was already sitting on a sofa with my legs spread out. The skirt I was wearing left my thighs out while I did my pedicure. Donny suddenly burst into the house, and it was too late for me to settle down. I saw that the chief had already seen everything. They threw their coats on the other sofa and came to sit where I was. They lifted my legs and sat down on top of them.


They started whining, and I felt a tingling sensation all over my body that made me weak. Her hands were very soft; I could feel every touch they made. He looked straight into my eyes and said.

Donny “Ruva, there is something I want to tell you.”


Every time I heard Donny call me by name, I knew it was love.


I’m all ears. Donny go on

Donny “ok, thank you, first I want to say sorry for what happened that day. I mean the way I grab you that night.”


Me “🥰🥰🥰oh, you mean pakazinda Sisi Rue .. hmmm, that was romantic eish …”


Donny “yah I’m sorry. I love your sister, not you. Yes, we had a crush, but that was then it ended right there. I’m now for your older sister’s husband yr blood sister.”

Me “what are you saying, Donald. Do you know why Rumbi snatched you to me? I should be the one mother of this house, am I lying?”

Donny “stop it, Ruvarashe, please stop it.”

He then removed my legs angrily over his legs. Then he got up and stood up angrily. But in his eyes, I could see full of love.


Donny, “I told you, Ruva, that I love yr sister, not you. Go out there find your boyfriend. Don’t believe in what so-called crush, grow, please.


I got up while I was sitting. I wasn’t expecting to hear such embarrassing words from Donny. I ambled romantically, holding him to his chest. I wanted to rest my head on his chest to feel if his conscience was pounding me. But before I could lean my head, he pushed me, and I fell on the sofa there. He turned and left me like that and went into his bedroom.



* (Donny) *


You know what love is like. I was on a web where eagles had bitten me. Rumbi was everything to me. She was

My life partner. Everything I wanted for a woman I got at Rumbi.

The flower and the side were sincere to me. Here the baby was portable mhani mileage still new. I felt it the next day in Rumbi, I could feel his blood warm, and his flesh was still tight. I once volunteered to make two women, but I didn’t want to hurt my Rumbi.

The words I told Ruva did not come from the centre of my heart. I wanted him to move away from me, and I didn’t even want to give him a chance with me. So I told her that she, too, had missed the report.

I went into my bedroom, and the tears started flowing. I used to think when I had a crush on Ruva when she was a little girl and how I got married to her sister; it was all like a written story (novel). I threw myself on the bed and began to shed tears.

After 30mins I saw the door open slowly. Hmm, what I saw required you to see for yourself. That baby was born that way. The breast pierced my chest, and I saw a nightgown that showed everyone what they are.

Mainini continued walking towards me .. doing actual modelling. They climbed on the bed, and my eyes made a real squirm. She was crying, and tears of love I knew. The flower was in the true love of sugar.

Ruva “I’m sorry, Donald, I didn’t know that you will be my sister’s husband. It was true love I had with you. Don’t ever come again in my life. I love you, Donald “.


Ruva kissed me on the cheek and wiped my tears from her cheeks. She stood up and started walking towards the door.

I jumped on the bed while I was sitting and hooked Ruva right in the waist, feeling the hips of a human being …





End of chapter …..

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