MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER 7️⃣



* A week Later * …..


(* Grandmother Chamber *)


I heard my cell phone ring as a message. I wiped my hands on Zambia and pulled it out of the purse that hung around my neck. The numbers were new. It was a message I don’t even know where it came from. I opened it, and it was written in English.

📩📩 _How are you, grandma I_Ruvarashe the child of the heart_ _I will send money for sugar_ _and milk_. _There is something I need_ _for you to help me. Please_ _my don’t tell my mother_. _It’s for both of us. Don’t stay_ _well good grandma_ 📩📩📩


I didn’t know what Ruva wanted from me. It’s just that she’s been obsessed with secret things since she was a little girl when she came to my house for lovemaking lessons. Later I heard the phone ring and saw the money Ruvarashe had sent.

Then I called my little granddaughter to run and buy some sugar and milk and drink some powder. It was the time of pumpkins and mines, so we just said goodbye to my spirits.


_3 Days later_…

(* Flower *)

Mr Chimimba. “Welcome, grandson.”

“Why don’t you play, ma’am. We just came hand in hand as I went to the choir, okay


Mr Chimimba said, “Oh, my grandson, what you have done is tiny. I am just drinking potato and grenades. Sit on the floor where my grandson is.”


.I was just sitting there in my grandmother’s round kitchen cooking. I started looking around the house, hoping that I would find what I was looking for and not have to worry about telling them the story. I used to remember the days I enjoyed with Donny that week, and I could feel the jealousy in my throat.

😴😴😴hoooo so all along, sisi Rumbi enjoyed the life she was having with a man who must be mine nhai … I have to do something..yes I’m not a loser. I want my Donald back. In the Garden of Eden, you have a wonderful time

I was shocked by my grandmother, and she cut me off from my thoughts…


“Why did you leave your mother, Ruva, these days? She has not been seen since you ran away. She was walking with you.”

Me “😨😨 oh mama here, ah hmmm, I haven’t got home yet. I just got off the elevators when I said I used to pass by here to see you. But I once talked to them on the phone, and they said they were just a band.


They are pregnant .. “. Yah, with these mountains here, the network is a real war. Kill your sister and her husband.”


Me “sisters who are just going to work these days are coming back for the weekend”.


Singing “hooo hear it’s good so the man is cooking for you ka kkkkkkk only know how to cook sajda. Don’t scratch your brother’s pot.,


Me “haaa no grandma, I don’t 😂😂😂


“Oh, it happened one year to us when my brother ended up killing my brother because of a man, and we even buried someone.”


Me😨😨 “ah then how was he done now the younger brother,


I asked my conscience beating you, now.


“Ah, no action was taken as there was no evidence that he was the killer. Only we adults will find out that this is what happened here.”


Me “it’s hard grandma, with so many men all over the place, the man is jealous of my brother.”


Singing, “ah ah, that’s what you modern kids are.”


For a while, I kept quiet, not knowing how to proceed.

.Me “. Eh, grandma, you see, I came if I had a little problem but a little bigger.”


“Please tell my granddaughter I am your grandmother since you were a girl.”


Me “Grandma, I have a boyfriend who I’m dating, now my best friend is in love with my boyfriend again, so I’m here if you can do something please find someone to marry me, grandma. If it just goes away, you’ll see a lot I’ll do for you.”


“Here’s how many men there are who fit in with your friend,” …..

Me “I don’t know, grandma or you are either. Please help me, please.”


The pregnant woman, for a moment, looked up at the sky and got up and crawled to the roof of the house and pulled out the root and hugged it. They came and sat next to me and broke the cell.


They are pregnant. ‘ oh, these seven roots you put in the food every day until they are gone. Please do not plant these roots once you kill a human child. If you talk like I did at the end of the week, your friend will probably hate your boyfriend completely or you. Oh, welcome .. do the grabbing granddaughter.”


If the pregnant woman knew my real mission, they would never give me their medicine. It was also a lie that I had told them. And I was going to do precisely what they had told me not to do

a. If you decide to eat a dog and eat a male .. happy days, Rumbi and my boyfriend were perfect ……



End of Chapter ……..

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