MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER 8️⃣


(* Flower *)

I broke up with Grandma Chimimba and headed straight for home. The joy I felt was filling the skies, and we would love someone if you wanted something of yours and even tied the real magic.

Well, keep in mind that this day was already Saturday, so that Sister Rumbie would be back for lunch. I arrived and prepared my rice with my Unavi and put it in my Micro-wave

The sister and her husband later came together holding their shopping bags, indicating that the toothbrush had come from Shopper. I greeted them, and they sat down…

The flower “why do you leave us

Rumbie “kkkk oooh Rue but you don’t know

Flower “to know

Rumbie “going to be a mother

Flower “😲haaa

Rumbie “yeass☺️☺️Rue

Flower “aaahooo

Rumbie “seems like you’re not happy about it

Flower “oooh it’s me, anywhere for celebration let me tease you with Food

Donny “no Mainini, don’t worry, today we’re going to the Restaurant

Flower “WHAAT, l mean why

Donny “happy kaaa okay

Ruva “ooh ok

You know I felt a lump, jealousy all over my throat, really after so much effort, someone would tell me she was pregnant, never mhani. I didn’t want to pass Rumbie, but now she is forcing me to do it ……

(Later on)

Rumbie “wow, this food ma1

Donny “add one more

Rumbie “custard be

Flower “please Chief, I buy

Donny “and nine

I realised that this was my chance. I bought her a custard and shot straight into the Restroom, and I put all my perfume, not a little bit of Grandma Chimimba’s. I shook my hand and smiled as I returned to my family

Flower “this sister

Sitting down and handing them over

Rumbie “worked for Mrs.

Donny “enjoy wifey, our baby grow up

Ruva “so how many months

Rumbie “3months

Ruva “oooh wow, guess she is a girl

Donny “okay, no l like a gentle

Rumbie “guys Kkk keep quiet, and I said so I’m the one to choose

Ruva “kkkk you are right

Rumbie “yes, co ……

Then he started spying on you non stop, Donny tried to give the women water, but it was too late the witch doctor wanted; my Rumbie is the ziii😌😌 knocking down

The screams I made there, people even though I was in so much pain, if it was my happiness. I rolled myself on the floor with my own hands to scare myself 😌😌

An ambulance came to pick up the man, but Rumbie had already hit the ground, killing his own mother’s baby. 🦦🦦


(* 3 Months Later *)

Mumy “what you’re saying I don’t understand Ruvarashe anymore

Flower “Mommy, you want the Chief to be better cooked. Let me stay with them

Mumy “Ruvarashe when you are perfect you will never hear him tell you who your boss loves who cooks for them

Ruva “l know it

Mumy “you, your sister, just passed away a few months ago, but you have decided to do a permanent job

Ruva “if so, then yes

Mother people then picked up a stick and threw it at me. Lucky, I quickly got up and ran to my room. Of course, Mom was a real drummer.

Since Rumbie’s death, they have taken me to live with them back home; aah, you know I was agitated

I sat on the bed with my hand on my jaw and began to think of a way forward to get out of here.

My phone rang, and it was Donny’s head. I laughed as I picked up the call


Hello, Mainini muriseyi

📞I’m b …. (I then thought) haaa hard Chief

I hear

📞to stay here and keep thinking about Rumbie, so I guess if I ever move, it would be easier

Feel you, my dear


That’s where you want to go

I don’t have a clue, and I just don’t have it

If your mind, I talked to Mama, then I asked you to come and stay with me here for the meantime, please

Flower “hiiiii you will be able to Chief

We discussed the matter further, but in my mind, I was too late to return to town. Wow, finally, my dream is about to get fulfilled haaalaaaaaa💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽



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End of Chapter

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