MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER 1️⃣2️⃣



(* Sandra *)


I didn’t know where to start my story, I wanted to have surgery on my stomach, and I was afraid that I would open my stomach when my mother smelled. I tried to start it with my tail, and I was scared of being hit by a shoe. ..


Mom, “Hey, Sandy, I’ve been waiting for you to call me, and I’ve already heard about it.”


Me “ah, ok hey mom, would you like stories like that? I just wanted to ask my own little story.”

Mother “tell me, my son, I am your mother.”

Me “did Mrs Donny ever talk to you.”

Mom: “Ah, what about Sandy? We ended up going to church when they didn’t say anything?”

Me “ah hooo, so they’ll come”

Mom “But there’s something you’ve both said, Sandy, gossiping about your mother, isn’t it.”

Me “I nhai mama and gossip about you how are you, they were just talking about the baby ……..”


Mrs Donny “let’s get here.”

Mrs Sandy “come, come here you are, Mrs Donny and welcome us girls.”

Mrs Donny “ah, why are you welcome, Mrs Sandy.”

Mrs Sandy “Sandy will accept the basin that Donny’s mother is carrying”


Then I got up, picked up the parcels, put them on the platform, and returned to pick up the parcels for Donny’s mother.

Mrs Donny said, “I’m going to sit on the bench, Sandy, my daughter. Let me sit on a bench here. If I sit down to get up, it’s a war of sorts.”


Mrs Sandy “you’ve seen friends here,”

Mrs Donny: “aewa Bodo mother-baby, that’s why I don’t want to come and see you, that’s all I’m worried about now, but when I go back aewa the doctor’s slide love doctor (they all laughed)


The women said that when they met, you could feel that their souls were together. Thanks to my mother for her delivery, I was busy preparing meals for the guests. Soon tea powder and mine were ready, and I was sitting in front of Donny’s mother. On the other hand, I even rode my horse to be their real bride as they pleased. If the writing and cash I was given by Donny’s mother, it was apparent that the jackpot I had already won. All that was left to hear was Donny. But I would never criticise myself from a stand that touches those habits and values. What makes a real housewife again.


I finished everything and sat down under my mother as her youngest child. It was the last time I would like that. Donny’s mother I could not admire.


Mrs Sandy “let’s have some tea, girls wonder if you can do what your child cooked for us?”

Mrs Donny “ah everywhere, I’ll be the bread girls.”

Mrs Sandy “ah, you say Donny doesn’t send flour, can you cook buns, ok.”

Mrs Donny “ah about Donny, did Mrs Sandy ever want to read something else. (They said with a laugh)


Mrs Sandy “why not let her go these days. I last saw her at Rumbie’s death there.”

“Donny is pleased,” she said.

Mrs Sandy “ah, now who’s cooking for someone who’s used to getting a table made?”


Mrs Donny “that’s why I came here girls, have I ever talked to Sandy wonder if she ever talked to you?”

They looked at my mother, and I leaned over them shyly, looking down. I used the stick to prick my ears to even rub on the floor where the dung was pulled out.

Mrs Sandy “didn’t say anything about this. When did Sandy start it so much that you were sent a message you don’t get it, here.”


Ms Donnh “No, Ms Sandy, it’s not my fault. Maybe she didn’t know where to start.”


Mrs Sandy “ah, if you have one, can I (laughs)? I’m already stuck in a rut.”

Mrs Donny “ah, we’re on the same side as my Sandy; however, I once talked to Sandy to be my daughter-in-law Donny’s wife, you just know the tragedies she experienced right now she’s lonely.”

Mrs Sandy “hmmm, I’m not going to get into that, Sandy is the one sitting here, and I think she’s feeling it; for me, there’s nothing wrong with the two of us agreeing we’re here just to support, am I not a girl?”

Mrs Donny: “That’s why I came here myself to work together for the future of our children. It’s good that when they do wrong to each other, our parents are close, and we can build on that.”

The couple later heard other news of the altercation, or the other women in the church heard rumours about it. That’s the way these women are when they meet. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.



* (Flower) *



Donny’s home needed accurate prophecy. The problem was that I was the only one who saw red. To tell Donny, my partner just said sometimes dreaming or thinking.


It was a working day as I sat on my couch and watched the scene. My phone was even portable. My thoughts were far away.

I heard my phone ringing, I saw it, but it kept ringing. I didn’t want to be confused bcoz I also had my concerns.

I picked up the phone and looked at the name and saw it was Sis Rue. I was shocked because of their line. I chewed it when they died. I didn’t know whether to believe it or not. I was devastated, or at first, I missed it.

“What is happening to me? Am I dreaming, or is this real. But how can Rumbie call me while she is dead, these are her numbers, and I destroyed her line. I believe the call, what if she is waiting for me, ah my me?

The phone rang, and I just held it in my hand. It rang again just then. I knocked on the sofa, but it kept ringing. I said, let me be brave and believe it is coming, and I challenged him to perfection.



Me “Hello” 📞📞📞😨


Busy with hello, I heard the bedroom door open and the sound I was making I knew. But I’m home alone, so who opened it😨😴😂.

I rushed to the bedroom and found the bedspread out, and the window was wide open, the order of the room had been changed, and the sheet that Sister Rumbie’s favourite was on top. I panicked and closed the door to get out and get some fresh air.

Fon I had just left irreparable, I believed so. I returned the cutter, indicating that a WhatsApp message had been received. Again it was from us, Rumble. I asked myself.

Sister Rumbie’s account was the last active that day we went out, but now she is online. What is going on? I opened the chat, and there was a pdf that needed to be opened.

Donny came in, and I just held the phone in my hands, shaking.


Me “hey love, welcome” (forcing myself to be happy)




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