MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER 1️⃣3️⃣


(* Donny *)

Ever since Ruva came home, her manner has been quite confusing. Sometimes you hear him lying to you that you have washed the dishes ok, sometimes you just see someone just scared unnecessarily, and I was already afraid of him because most of the time you see someone like this. It’s just crazy. It was better to inform Amai before the condition deteriorates.

That day I came back from work, and he made me feel welcome, believing that it was a no-brainer for this day …

Flower “hey love

Donny, “did you have a good time

So I lowered my pants and tossed them on the sofa, stretching my legs

Flower “are you hungry, Daddy

Donny “water is what I need right now

Ruva “ok, let me bring it for you

He then went straight to the Kitchen, and I then changed the Channel and started watching the ball


This was Ruva’s voice I heard from Screamer man. I got up and ran to her Kitchen, and someone hugged me trembling and even shot a real reed, and started patting her on the back …

Donny “babe what

Flower “(shivering) I… I saw the shadow of a man pass in front of me Donny 😩😩 the shadow or 😩I saw it or the man

Donny “ok ok, calm down, let’s go

Flower “I’m scared, Donny,

I realised that talking to someone was not going to work, so I simply moved on to the bedroom. When we got in, l was bored seeing something, and I wanted to say it when I put him on the Bed. I leaned over the bed and sat down next to her …

Donny “babe what

Ruva “l don’t know Donny, but l saw …

Donny “that’s ok, l think it is your hallucination

Flower “or

Donny “Flower, please do me a favour, look I want to marry you hanty but if you continue to do so with the things you are doing it can get drunk you see, how can l spend my life with someone who just says he sees things we don’t see

Then he sat down and looked at me

Ruva “no Dady ndatobhoe, hiii you want to marry me🤭

Donny “don’t force a smile

Flower “or mhani, hiiii good news eewy Hug mhani

Donny “kkk OK


(* Mai Rumbie *)

📞📞 Grrrr grrrr grrrr, I ran after hearing my phone ring …


📞Mother is crazy

I’m glad who this is

📞ok, can’t you hear your son’s voice

I knew right away that this was my son-in-law

📞kkk Mom is old

📞haaa don’t do that, Mom. I will visit there tomorrow with a big issue I want to talk to you about

It’s okay

📞haaa yes, of course

You come, my son; the home is yours

You are a mother

Well, why did you leave my baby without knowing that Mom was there?

She is better

📞  my son four times and see you come

What a Mother

I picked up my phone and sat down with my jaw clenched, and I began to wonder what my son-in-law wanted to do. I hope it was okay.

I then lifted my bucket and set off for the Fountain as all the running water in the house was gone …

I reached the well and drew my water, but my mind was not filled with the words of my son-in-law. As soon as I finished fetching water, Mrs Moyo arrived, but she was not finished. I said maybe she didn’t know what she wanted

Mrs Rue “eeeh maswera here

Mrs Sandy “Aaah how are you tonight? It’s too late

“Mrs Rue” (laughing) but the sun has not yet touched the mountains

Mrs Sandy “Aaah you don’t have to say anything

Mrs Rue “laughs at the girls

Mrs Sandy “I saw you meet, and I said let me run before you go

Mrs Rue “is there a story

Mrs Sandy “so I was just leaving the Pastor’s house in Duty with Mrs Donny today, so our duty is over; you are the ones who will be following tomorrow, so I said, let me tell you, maybe it was tomorrow

“Mrs Rue,” Thank you, girl. I’ve already forgotten about it

Mrs Sandy “no matter how capable

Mrs Rue “just so far away I’m alone in my room there

Mrs Sandy “to that little girl

Mrs Rue “do you mean Ruvarashe

Mrs Sandy “Yes, I don’t see her these days

Mrs Rue “Aaah, what is this? She went to her Uncle

Mrs Sandy “😱Jehovah

Mrs Rue “is shocked

Mrs Sandy “aah you, in your opinion, do you think that is possible? What is she looking for in that house not? My brother is gone, so what does she want

“Mrs Rue”, I wish that was precisely what Mrs Sandy wanted

Mrs Sandy “mmm inside, your baby doesn’t want to make a mess of you 🤔

Mrs Rue “mmmm, I don’t see it that way

Mrs Sandy “did you know that your son-in-law wants to marry my daughter?

My conscience bothered me terribly

Mai Rue “Aaah m

do you mean the truth

Mrs Sandy: “Oh my gosh, I’m going to break the news and see Mrs Rumbie leaving my daughter alone at home in the dark.

I couldn’t answer but kept saying, twii, stop, and it’s desperate. So I got involved, that’s why the son-in-law called, and that’s the story …….



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End of chapter

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