MY Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER1️⃣0️⃣


(* Mai Donny *)

I was devastated by the death of my daughter-in-law. That child had his manners, and there was nothing wrong with him.

But anyway, the death of one does not break the house. I had already decided to find Donny, another woman to live with, because this one died childlessly, so I was willing to fulfil the wish. I sat down and bought to grind my grain to think of who is suitable to be my child’s wife here.

Sandra “Gogoi

Me, “the son of Moyo come in there

* Sandra was my friend’s baby, this baby was very stable, I even laughed when I saw that she could fit Donny’s wife *

Sandra “you and your grain

Wherever we can get better, Sandy, I have no one to help me

Sandra “I’m here. I just called you instead of doing it alone

Me “ayiwaa what you came well, help me okay

Sandra “No shit, Mama, but before I start with my work, I have come to tell you that Hanzi and Mama don’t forget that today at the Church we have to clean the pastor’s house, if we could, we could go this afternoon, no matter if you want.

Me “has this day mmm, go tell them we’re going to go to the sunset in her Mother Sandra, hot work this day and finish the iron

Sandra “don’t talk about it

Me “Okay, so won’t you help me

Sandra “no, don’t worry, I’m coming, okay

There is nothing wrong with that, but Sandy, can I ask you, baby?

Sandra “please ask

Me “do you have a boyfriend

He paused for a moment and then fell silent

Sandra “Where can we find them, Mama, the ones we knew with Donny are already married

Me “okay, Sandy

Sandra “Shuwa Mama, at the moment I don’t have a partner, I’m just waiting for God’s time so that when mine comes, I’ll touch the heavens with joy, okay

Me “Okay, now the heavens have already taken hold

Sandra “what do you mean, Mom

“Sit down and let me tell you, my child, the story is great

Then he sat down and shook the cell

Sandra “tell me the story, Mom

Me “Sandy hanty heard that Donny had lost his wife

Sandra “yes, this I heard

“Anyway, Donny is looking for a new partner, so he doesn’t have to feel so lonely

Sandra “he desperately wants because to stay alone he will be very lonely

You have seen it too

Sandra “yes

Me “so the issue is, Sandy don’t you want to be my bride

Sandra “Aaah, okay its idi imi

Me “shuwa kaa nhai Sandy

Sandra “you will be recording Mrs.’s words

“If Sandy isn’t me, I’d like to hear if you want it too because I’ve already noticed that in this district, you are the most disciplined, calm girl with the character you have, so what do you think of my story?

Sandra “(shyly) why don’t you first ask my mother? I’ll be thinking of you too, Mama

Me “no, there is nothing wrong, think of it, Sandra but l hope your answer is interesting, not kaa☺️

Sandra “yes, Mom

Sandra didn’t stay long, and she knocked me down, and I was left to finish my grain as I wanted to go to the house of Rev.


* Sandra *

My birth name is Sandra Mutema, and I am 20 years old, the only child in my family. I only live with my mother, my father passed away when I was in Grade 2, so all my growing up and caring is my mother, who does farming and selling in our community, but things are still going well.

Growing up, we only knew that Donny was a liar in the district. When he went to Harare and returned, he was boiling, but the spirit blessed him. I heard that Donny had raped him. Rumbidzai becomes Donny’s partner, and they live in Harare. I did not have anyone to go with because there were so many stupid young men in our community.

But anyway, that day I was given a sweet message by Mrs Donny that she wanted me to be her bride, course Donny was so dear that you would not deny it to her, so in my heart, I had already accepted that all that was left was my mother’s confession.

When I left Mrs Donny’s, I immediately sprayed myself with water and wanted to fetch some drinking water as I was thirsty.

I even came across a girl who was sitting on the floor with her legs crossed.

I heard a commotion as to whether a person could put his feet in the drinking water, but I didn’t want to make him angry, so I reached over and shook his head, and he just shook his head without looking at me …

Sandra “removes your feet from the water, don’t you know that this water is drinkable

He did not answer but remained silent

Sandra “konhai girls, look here, let’s talk

Then he got up quickly and turned to me; as soon as he rolled his eyes at me, I felt my conscience pounding, and my hair just fell a little. I didn’t even know what was happening to me.

Sandra “girls, who are you, but don’t you live in this district as you put your feet in the drinking water

Rumbie “sorry hako

Sandra “Aaah, next time, don’t

Rumbie “sorry hako
Sandra “no problem

Rumbie “If he were one, I would be cursed, but you have spoken to me well, l owe you a blessing

He said, smiling at the girl and, mmmm, but he had his beauty jealousy down

Rumbie “and made Rue koiwe

Sandra “Sandra

Rumbie “Aren’t you making friends, Sandra?

Sandra “kkk please, girls

Rumbie “Aaah, there are some who refuse, so just let me ask

Sandra “no problem, friends 😊🤝🏽🤝🏽

Rumbie “called you girls

Sandra “no problem, let me run home and get together; where do you live

Rumbie “in the houses near the cemetery, there

He said, pointing, but I didn’t know where precisely because the place where he said there are houses there are no houses but only graves, so I just nodded my head to get out of it.

Sandra “ahooo, I’ll just sit there and say at Moyo do you know

Rumbie “ayewa, let’s go show me. I’m shooting my way as the same road I used to live

Sandra “ok girl, let’s go

Rumbie and I set out on our way home, talking about our day after arriving at my home

Sandra “This is where I live Rumbie

Rumbie “was a good girl

Sandra “come in and show your Mom that I’ve found a friend 😊

Rumbie “mmm not day, I’ll see them some other time let me run to my girls, let’s get together, girls

Sandra “Aaah nhai girls

Rumbie “don’t worry, we will meet again

Sandra “ok girls, go bhoe

Rumbie “well, bye-bye😊👋🏾👋🏾



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