My Sister’s Ghost CHAPTER1️⃣1️⃣




Uncle Donny just insisted that the food seemed to come back. I just picked the beans so that they wouldn’t be too upset. My mind was somewhere worrying about what was going on in this house. Eventually, I fell asleep in Donny’s arms.

I only woke up later and checked the time and saw it was past 1 am. I woke up to wet my bladder, which seemed to be cracking. I woke up slowly, not wanting to wake Donny.

I left the push-ups and scrambled to the toilet,
While in the passage, I heard a humming sound coming from the kitchen, a woman was singing a song, and I could hear Sister Rumbie singing. I stopped walking to make sure they weren’t sleeping and heard that the man was washing the plates.


I stopped and began to wonder who she was. Donny and I were the only ones in the house. And the time had passed.

I stalked off to the kitchen. I opened the door slowly with a sigh.


Donny “hey baby, what au doing? Come on, let’s take a look at the time here?”

I panicked and screamed in horror at Donny’s.
I ran and fell on his hands while I was sweating and shaking my whole body.


Me “Donny, something is wrong with me,


Donny “something like what, baby?”

Me “I don’t know, but it seems I’m being haunted me something.”

Donny “no, Ruva, it is just that the death of your sister was not natural, so your mind has not yet accepted that your sister is already gone.”

Me “hmmm no, Donny, I heard someone was washing the plates on my way to the toilet, so I was stalking to see who it was, as I was abt to open the door then it startled me.”

Donny “ok, come on, Flower, it’s over hanty, ok do it wet I’m standing here.”


Me “please don’t go anywhere, Donny, I’m scared of this.”

Donny “I’m going nowhere, baby, take your time, please.”


Hope never came until outside to try. Thoughts had run high in my heart.

I even fell asleep when Donny woke up after work. A knock on the door awakened me. I was terrified because I had fallen into a deep sleep.

I just rolled up the curtain and went to the door, and I opened the door expecting to see someone but no one I saw. I looked at all sides, but it was just a place.

I closed my door and screamed in anger bcoz my toys are things I hated. I just turned my back and heard a knock again.


Me “who”

No one believed him but continued to grind again.

Me “hey, I said who, ok come in, please

The knock continued, and I yelled angrily as I walked towards that door. I opened it again, but still, I didn’t see anyone.

I sounded like a real witch. I wanted to shut up and felt trapped in the waist. I felt a surge of fear in my body and said numbness and weakness.

Donny “hey, come on, baby.”

Me “Donny plz don’t do this again. It irritates me, please

Donny “doing what nhai Ruva.”

Me “when did you start knocking on your door.”

Donny “ok me, Donald knocker door, when?

Me “no, don’t pretend as if you don’t know what you did. I didn’t say you were knocking and then ran away.”

Donny, “😂😂😂 you were dreaming, cross my heart. I never smelled myself; I even saw you while I was still there and ran to catch you before you closed the door.”

Me “where did you leave the car, and why did you come back this time.”

Donny “I left the car in service today half day tomorrow its a holiday.”

Me, “hmmm ok then, but what you did I don’t like.”

Donny “ah ah nhai baby, are you still saying I’m a bitch”

Me “who else Donny” (angrily)

Donny “ok then I’m sorry, my love, let us go inside; give me what you cooked, ‘

Me “I haven’t cooked yet; even the plates have not been washed; let me wash the plates and cook for you, daddy.”

Donny “ok then.’


My love for Donny had been hot those days. We never wanted to be distracted. We wanted to have a baby to make this house stronger.

Me “yah today you have made a good man-baby.’

Donny “why not this, sweetheart.”

Me “wash the plates.”

Donny “time.”

Me “obvious before you go to work, thanx my love”.

Donny “baby, I never washed the plates myself.”

Me “watanga futi jokes ako neni hanty”

Donny “I’m not joking, please, I’m serious.”

Me. “So who did?”

Donny “obvious is you.”

Me “I’m not too old to forget I’ve washed the plates.”

Donny “then start accepting that he is old.”

Me “no, no no, Donny, something is going on in this room, you have to do something.”

Donny “something like what.”

Me “I don’t know, baby, but something should be done.”

I just walked over to the bedroom to put on my worst thoughts.




(* Sandra *)

Rumbie ai

He seemed to be a very good friend even his speech was so polite. But we never looked at each other with eyes that just hid like a shy person. Maybe for the first time, he was also nervous we would get used to overtime. I was relieved when I met Rumbie, and I had also found a friend to talk to. I once wanted to ask him about Donny as he said he lives in the same area as us.
I just said you don’t need to; on the first day, you already start asking about boys.

What if she ever fell in love with Donny or they are still in love? I had to take time to study with her and start talking about boys.

I turned around to see if Rumbie was still visible but just saw it was a place. There were no trees or weeds that anyone could hide or be covered. There were only tombs, but they never appeared again. We were the only ones who knew that there were graves. So now Rumbie had disappeared where and when. When I got home, my mother was just finishing up her corn cob.

I once wanted to tell them about Rumbie’s heart, and he asked me if you weren’t calm, Sandy. Someone said, why not give them Donny’s comment from his mother. Maybe your mother doesn’t want to.


Me “eeh mama,”

Mrs Sandy “hee my son.”




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