Understanding how the Divine feminine Works and how to Properly integrate it

Understanding how the Divine feminine Works and how to Properly integrate it

The Divine feminine is a very important part in our complex world , so what I’m basically trying to do is tie some loosely related topics, in the hopes of creating a more complex picture of what’s going on with you as an individual and with the society as a whole.


So that we can kind of progress and move forward and sort of remove all the barriers that we have towards the expansion of consciousness.

So in this article, I’m going to be telling you about how to aid in the integration of the divine feminine and also pointing out many of the barriers that we have, due to this again on the individual ends and on society levels. Hopefully in doing so you can start to see how the yin and yang and systems thinking really go hand in hand, and so this article will kind of give you more of those thing really relate together and in seeing these connections, we can see how many of the issues that we’re faxing as individuals and as a whole species are basically the symptoms that stems of this imbalance because this imbalance and the disintegration of the divine feminine is what cause so many of the issues in our psyche too.


Now recognizing the disintegration of the divine feminine will help us notice imbalance that we may not have noticed before and areas that we have repression that we may not have recognize before , we can even see on the societal level there are certain ideas that are Resisted again heavenly and start to understand why it is, with the effects of them and so I would you don’t be scared away by the idea of the divine feminine if you’re not a woman because this us not specifically for women.

The divine feminine is something that’s in all of us and it’s something that affects everyone and so this issue of Divine feminine repression is something that affect every single person alive on the planet today, so definitely read the whole article because this article is a very important one.

So before I start, I want to give you kind of a refresher on systems thinking and yin and yang,

 so that you can get an idea of those two things and how they work together and also how they kind of relate back to divine feminine integration.

Basically if you look at systems thinking the basic idea behind system’s thinking is that a system is essentially a bunch of parts that works together as an inner connected network. Or a woke that pretty much uses particular Behaviours. So a system basically us comprised of parts, relationship between those parts and a particular functional behaviour.
Now our universe system are all over the place, almost everything is part of a system and in fact we have systems within systems, the galaxy at large is a system, our solar system Is a system our planet is a system, our body is a system that’s made up of other systems.
So basically anything that has parts that works together to create a behavior of some kind is a system, so if we familiarize ourselves with the way system’s work, we can start to notice the cognitive pattern of hoe systems work, we can start to notice the order within the chaos.


Now systems tend to be very complex on the surface level of things but ultimately at their bedrock level and at the deepest levels they’re really the result of a combination of a differ yin and yang energy. Infact if a system lacks yin or yang it isn’t a system at all, it requires both in conjunction and yin and yang truly can never be separated, so basically what yin and yang are is the binary code that creates every living and non-living systems, So as such they’re kind of a 1 & 0’s that gives life to that entire reality.
Now thinking of yin and yang as code is very important metaphor, so whenever you’ve played a video game you should understand that the video game was created by somebody who understands how to code, so let’s say you’re play]ng the game like Mario and any other platform games.

The reason why you’re able to interact with it and play it is because, it’s coded even if you can’t see the code outright. The reason why Mario can jump when you press the B button is because somebody coded it that way or the reason why if Mario jumps on a platform and doesn’t fall on the platform is because there a very specific piece of code applied for that being applied to the game.

So as a game player, you know it’s not really important for you to see the code and to understand the code to play the Game, that’s like something that never crosses the average person’s mind.
But it’s still a very integral part of playing it otherwise it just be a picture, it won’t be interactive at all, on the other hand if someone Is familiar with the code the game is written in and they know how to code, Essentially their experience at playing the game is just going to be a little bit different so they’re going to play the game the exact same way but they’re going to have an awareness of how the game works and if there are glitches in the game, they’re going to know what mistakes that happens that caused those glitches.

So basically without seeing the code directly, they can see how the expression of the Code is coming across the game play, so if we take this analogy to video game code, when you look at the code just really it’s for someone who doesn’t understand code at all, it’s just a bunch if random symbols and so it doesn’t gave a lot of expressions on its own and it doesn’t really mean anything and then you take the video game and how its played, if you’re not aware of how those two things came then you’ll not be able to make the connections, then you see the code and you essentially see the expressions of the code in form of how the video game works and so essentially that’s sort if the way yin and yang works, so yin and yang are subtle energies and are so subtle that the average person can’t really pick up on them in a form.
You know it’s possible to pick up on then in their raw form, if you happen to be very receptive but you won’t have to have such subtle of awareness that really, you’d have to train yourself for years to do so, like even now, I currently can’t pick up on it, the only time i was able to was able to was when I transcended the ego but ultimately what you can do is you can tell where those energies tend to express, so there’s a big difference between the code itself, in the form of yin and yang which is very similar and has very new expressions and then the expressions of that code into reality and the thing if that expressions of that code into reality and the thing of that expressions of that code into reality is that they happen to work in WATS that are very predictable, so when you start to notice patterns in things then you can pretty accurately feel when something is more yin than yang, and you can tell when something is more yang than you.


We can look at realities through the perspectives of the game codes ,system thinking becomes a lot easier to do, when you start to notice common patterns and commons issues that cane up as a result of those patterns, so as I said before systems are usually very messy and complex, they’re like order and chaos but ultimately at the deepest levels they’re very simple combinations of tin and yang in varying ways.

And so if we can start to recognize, yin and yang, they tend to express themselves in common ways then we can start to notice patterns with systems more clearly and we can start to get a really better idea of how the systems works as a whole.

Essentially it’s the divine code of yin and yang that creates the order within the chaos so how does this topic relate to the disintegration of the divine feminine? Well, essentially what the divine feminine is, is the feminine aspect of God and essentially that aspect of God that writes the yin aspect of the code, so if we as a society have a resistance to yin expressions, we can have a resistance to the divine feminine which sort of insulate ourselves from the experience of having connections with the divine feminine, so when the divine feminine writes the code of yin and yang again in a subtle energy doesn’t have much expressions on its own, but it tends to reflect itself in many expressions and so the expression that are most common reflections of yin, these aspects if what is referred to as the feminine principle and the masculine principle and some common expressions within those two principles, so basically I’m talking about the most common expressions of yin and The most common expressions of yang and ultimately that can help you see how the society has more of a yang slide, so we tend to have more ideas within the masculine principle as a society and actually as a human species in thus point, Then we go the feminine principle, this creates many different issues that shows off these importance and these repression of the feminine, so essentially what we can do is we can look at our persona attitude and we can look at our common cultural beliefs and articles and we cab do that relieves to the feminine principle and so we cab kind of see where our imbalance lie and so in doing so, we should realize that if we as an individual have a resistance to particular traits let’s say within the feminine principle that basically resist the free flowing of yin and yang within us, essentially it allows less if us to come to the table and insulate us from the divine feminine.

Now the same thing would be the case with yin and yang traits in this articles, but ultimately on the societal level, we can notice that the society has an indifferent or even outright hostile sort of feeling towards many of the trauma within the feminine principle or we just have a lack of awareness so there’s a lot of untapped potentials there as well because the ideas of the feminine energies are very narrow and it’s this constrictions of the free flow between yin and yang, and the repression of yin that creates our system to work in sub-optimal ways, and basically whenever you have resistance to yin, you’re also resisting the feminine aspect of God: the divine feminine, and likewise with yin and yang if you have a resistance with yang you’re resisting the masculine aspect of God or the divine masculine, and ultimately makes us less conscious as an individual but if this same pattern are affecting society as s whole, the entire society would be less conscious as well.

Now I’m about to give you some examples of how yin energy tends to express itself and the yang energy tends to express itself and the thing that comprises of the feminine and masculine as a whole, but I want to give you a few caveats before I do that, so the first one is to understand that the feminine principle and the masculine principle aren’t meant to be like women’s traits and men’s traits.

Ultimately any trait that’s humanly embodying in those two list really belong to all human beings in all varying degrees, so it’s important to not look at one list or the other list and say “oh I’m a man, I want to do all this things.
So all those things relate but each individual is really a combination of both yin and yang energy and so they have both traits from the masculine and the feminine principle, you’ll mostly remember that these traits mostly supersedes gender, so again these things are not expressions of gender but gender is an expression of these things.
And also when it comes to ideas of traditional feminist and traditional masculinity, especially traditional feminity though, what we have is a very stripped down version of these principles you know essentially you weren’t able to express In particular ways and particular societies and because we’ve lived in patriarchal societies what came of the feminine principle got stripped down into few of the most indispensable traits of it and all of the rest got relegated down to the collective shadows, and so essentially what we have with the divine feminine in particular is we have the iceberg effect, so we’re only really conscious of the tip of the iceberg feminine principle and if I say “oh that person is really feminine, you might think if that as something that’s synonymous with that person is a woman who is very beautiful” you know so we have a very narrow definition of it.

Essentially what we’re dealing with is the top of the iceberg effect, we only know little of a few traits within the feminine principle currently, and the rest is really underneath the surface of consciousness currently, and so really what our goal is, is to be able to basically remove the barriers to that iceberg being able to float more towards the surface of the water, so that we can realize mire of the feminine principle, now there’s plenty that’s still need to be realized within the masculine principle at all, there’s still a non underneath the surface of the water but we don’t have as much of a resistance to that.

So they’re fewer barriers to the integration of the masculine principle, now that’s said there’s plenty of untapped potentials there, so if you personally feel like you have a lot of untapped yang potentials or a lot of yang expressions, then I highly recommend that you can remove the barriers to that, carrying up in being too, so that you can resolve in its highest form, you know but by and large on the societal level, the much bigger issue is the repression of the feminine energy.

Now having said that about the tip of the iceberg with the feminine principle the traits that are usually ascribed to feminity even those like top ones there’s still an aspect of that feminine principle.
So it’s hot me saying “don’t think of the divine feminine as an expression of being because beauty is an act of aspect of the feminine principle or something like motherhood which is very traditional kind if way to look at feminity.

So motherhood is also part and parcel of the feminine energy, so just because it’s being traditionally the case of these have being associated doesn’t mean they’re not an aspect of the feminine principle.

Now in the previous article, I made mention of the divine feminine, there I gave an insight to the divine feminine so this article is a continuation. Usually what traditional norms have done is that it has seen the feminist as a threat to the social order at that time and basically just made it go, under the surface.
Now before I go into all these traits is just not to resist what’s being naturally there within you and accept it whether it’s in the feminine principle or masculine.
9No matter what gender you are, how you identify, so you ultimately over identify with one or the other, don’t look at stiffs within the principle that corresponds most with your gender, just notice what’s there and accept what’s there, because like I said we all have traits both from the feminine and the masculine.


Now by no means is this an exhaustive list but here are some of the most common WATS they express themselves:
Species connectivity
Now for the traits within the masculine principle:
Details and part oriented
So one thing that you might notice, when you look at the masculine and feminine principle is that humanity as a war group seems to have a lot more liking towards the masculine principle, and so the things within the feminine principle are either not realized yet, or we try to loom at it as a trait that’s unimportant at best, or something you don’t see the point in.

So ultimately it’s that masculine principle pragmatism that makes us look at the feminine principle like something you don’t know how to use.
So a lot of the feminine tends to get discarded and it tends to be actively repressed, because of our historical past as well, so there a lot of things sort of getting in the way, when it comes to the reintegration of the divine feminine, cause we do have kind of a resistance to the feminine principle but we don’t really know where to put it.

Alright here are some common WATS that the society values yang over yin
1. We value ideas over reality
2. Intellect over emotions
3. Mind over matter
Now in the past it pretty much was universally true that we valued men over women as well, it used to be a very common thing to believe that men are superior to women, now in our modern society, I would say that the majority of people tend not to really consciously believe that, nonetheless, because we don’t know that there’s a masculine principle and the feminine principle, what ends up happening is that they end up valuing all the skills and principles, traits and discounts all if the feminine principle traits and they end up actually creating a problem of gender imbalance,
so any kind of gender inequality dues actually stems from the repression and this is really the core of that issue but this isn’t the only issue, now some other problems that this imbalance and this disintegration causes is that humanity is basically and constantly at war, there’s also a lot of inequality throughout the public sphere because we like to think of things in hierarchies and we tend to value that more than species related terns as a whole thing, what you’ll see is giant amount if incoming inequality and just thinking that’s the natural way of hierarchy and really valuing that hierarchy over human life.

Or you’ll see problems with corruptions in politics or planetary destruction or kind of like an indifference to planetary concerns or somebody is concerned with the planet, though like basically prioritize economic issues over planetary concerns. That’s like an example of the imbalance between yang and yin.
Also more on the individual level, you’re going to feel more isolation because essentially what yang energy has to do with a lot of indivuation and the shadow sides of individuation is that it cuts us from other people well feel isolated, well feel lonely and if we don’t have that yin element to balance it out, essentially we can end up feeling like we’ve cut away all out connections to the world and to other people and the result of this is a society that’s cut off from wisdom, a society that’s lacking in empathy and a secret that’s just pretty difficult to live in where you feel like you go outside and everybody is against you only for themselves and so that’s one of the other results of the imbalance between yin and yang and the disintegration of the feminine principle.

Now you might ask now, how do things come to be this way and why like is those an actual purpose behind it or are serving just making a huge mistake in humanity by repressing their feminine principle. It’s not actually being a mistake it’s just part of the system, it’s part of the day that the system works, so in the past, the system basically give in to the way that humanity was living in agrarian societies, it necessitated the repression of the feminine principle, and so that was where it first stated to be repressed, essentially in humanity earliest childhood, we we’re basically this small little thing in relation to nature, which us the feminine principle which is an aspect of the feminine principle, which is an expression of yin and so, tin was very powerful and scary because we were so submissive to it and it was at the mercy of Mother Nature with all if our technologies.

And so, so much of our human history has being about creating a wedge between ourselves and Mother Nature, and so essentially you can imagine humanities earliest childhood started of very yin, because we were just like other animals and nature and because of the way human intellect is designed to basically build upon past societies.

King of a natural outburst of humanity it’s taken our technology a long time for us to truly be okay in the feminine, to be okay with Mother Nature but the way that we’ve don’t that is basically, we’ve grown and grown in terms of technological and ideological advancement and we’ve grown further and further away from the feminine divine more and more of a wedge between ourselves and the feminine principles.

Now this wasn’t a problem at first, at first it was necessary because we had to go through a patriarchal time where were only focused on driving that wedge between ourselves and the feminine and the unfortunate part is that women in those societies suffered because they were the closest human expressions to that resistance we had to nature and so there was just a lot if attempts to control and manipulate nature towards our own end and for a long time this wasn’t an imbalance thing for us as a human society our goal was to keep ourselves safer and to make our society better and that worked fur a very long time, but the problem with the patriarchal mode on an esoteric level. Is that once humanity gets a powerful as nature because we currently are powerful right now, as a force. So what happens is that human technological innovations start to sort of step on the toes of nature and start to put a damper on natural cycles and so that’s why the feminine principle is starting to be reintegrating now, and it hasn’t being for the past 100 years, essentially, what happens because.

Now Alan watts said something interesting, he said “if you have a tree that produce apple, the apple is essentially a product of the tree, just as much as the tree is part of the apple, now as human beings we basically are now part of the earth, we grow off the earth and that’s such the earth is full of us.
And so whenever humanity comes in danger to basically our technology becoming a detriment to our planet the very place, that we live, essentially that’s becoming a detriment to our planet the very place that we live, essentially that’s when divine feminine sorts of wakes up in us and says “hey it’s time for me to be integrated, so that’s we don’t destroy ourselves, so essentially that’s what we’ve being over the last 100 years, and we’ve being doing our best to reintegrate the feminine principle and we’ve being making significant progress.

But the problem is there’s still a lot of resistance to that feminine principle and so a lot more progress has to be made for us to really get out of hot water to why we have being treating nature.

So one thing is to release the resistance to the past, the past has being polarity yang for a reason, there’s a reason why humanity went through that cycle and we might look back and feel very uncomfortable especially if we’re women, because we look back and say oh my God why for all of written history would have women being repressed and why is it now different you know,
Like now that we’re doing something different they’re plenty of people that would argue that we’re doing something very unnatural, with even giving women basic rights, you can find that allover the internet and it’s because we’re thinking there’s a lot of social decay, it must be because of that, so that’s like a wrong way of system’s thinking.

But now it’s quite natural that this process evolution that were going through is basically that we’ve reached the pinnacles of what we can achieve in a patriarchal system before it hits a point if diminishing returns. And starts hurting us, so essentially speaking the masculine principle has a lot to do with growth and transformation , and that’s good up until a certain point that we are now, we continue to ski in a yang way, and do it acts in sort if a cancer on the planet and so there’s a huge integration of the divine feminine back into our society because essentially we cab bring human technological development which is yang into integration with nature and essentially we can start with the creation that Help nature and so that’s really where I would like to see society go.
And if we don’t end up going that way it can be quite disastrous fit is as a species and also as a planet. Now one way To Help this is to on the individual level be able to reintegrate the divine feminine in yourself, essentially the more people who have the least resistance to the divine, the more it’s able to shine through in the Society and have more of an impact and essentially I think I want to give you a metaphor to help you understand how that would work.
So if you think about yin and yang, they didn’t really have more expressions on their own, but they in turn other expressions so I want you to imagine him and yang is the code that makes up your pre-conditioned personality before any other societal impact or indoctrination happens.

So you just gave this natural code, so I would say you should envision this as sort of a little light, that are after one color or the other colour.

One for yin and the other for yang, so let’s say all of the yin ones are red and all of the yang ones are blue and every body has this different lights that lit up these different colours.

So essentially everybody is unique no body has the same yin and yang signature, nobody has the light in the same exact way as the other but essentially these lights don’t get enough expressions in themselves until a cultural lens is just there, and once that light shines through the cultural lens, it can also get expressions into reality.

For the most part, the majority of women, maybe 80% are going to be mostly having red lights with some blue lights even, and most men are going to be having blue light with just red lights, but they are many exceptions, you can find women who are mostly blue lights and you can find men who are mostly red lights, but the main thing is that they’re have to be honest with Themselves and to realize what’s actually there and that can be difficult because of our cultural lens, so we have to start being able to notice beyond cultural ideas, what’s that unique code within ourselves and to allow that to shine out and in doing so you’ll be shining out the divine masculine and the divine feminine like unperturbed, but the problem is that our cultural ideas of things tend to like block certain traits from being expressed.

So imagine that some of these cultural lens have ping over them, so you don’t have this light to come out cause they’re all blocked out, so a person let’s say who is a man living in a society that punishes men for feminine expressions Like vulnerability or like having emotions.
So all those lens face black point over them and it’s important that we remove these cultural lens and clear off the black point to kind of get rid of our limiting beliefs about what we can and cannot express in out agenda, and what’s acceptable and what’s not, we can create a persona and an ego structure that allows for those things to pass through to get an expression out into reality, so it becomes Important for us to create a very open identity that has where we don’t face very specific ideas about how we should be and what we shouldn’t be, and just to allow what ever happened to be there.

And what will happen us that then, those lights won’t have the Blockage and more of our natural being will be able to come out into reality and if we do that with allowing this things won’t be disturbed by those cultural lens and they’ll come out in a way that’s quite pleasant because of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

So bad u at what you want to do is you want to remove all of your ideas about what it means to be a man or woman culturally, and literal just accept what’s there, now I’m but saying to continue a bunch of yin within yourself or feminine traits because you think that’s going To Help the feminine principle it really won’t.

Just express whenever you have any because everybody has the feminine in themselves, so if you’re a mostly masculine guy with 20% blue lights and you have like 10% red lights you don’t have to change those blue lights or red, you just have to remove the barrier to the red light shoeing themselves.
And so like I said, it becomes very important to remove limiting beliefs when you’re doing these kinds of explorations.


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