IOS 14: Cool Apple Features that are hitting your IPhone soon

IOS 14: Cool Apple Features that are hitting your IPhone soon

It’s no surprise how the IOS 14 has taken over the world and become the most popular phone on the planet, Apple has continued to remain at the top of luxury tech by bringing out the best in everything. And mow apple has done it again by bringing in a new IOS to your phone IOS 14.

This latest operating system has also come with varieties of cool feature that will enhance the user experience of your iPhone. many people have made comments about the home screen and I think overall the home screen stuff is the biggest chair in IOS, then we also have a bunch of changes in this category that would be what we call the compact UI, So in the previous version of IOS they’re plenty of things and actions that just unnecessarily take up the entire iPhone screen, now they’re all fixed.

So now if you get a phone call or a face time call example it won’t just dominate the whole screen anymore, it would just give you another drop down notification from which you can easily hide it and do what you’re doing and it’ll keep ringing or you can accept or reject it right away and that’s a good compact UI, and then once you’re actually on a face time, you can actually swipe up, go home and do other things and the face time would continue and it doesn’t pause your video.
It keeps the camera up and working, you can look something up, grab a phone number what ever you’re going to do, it doesn’t have to praise and you can move around that pic/picture as long as you’re doing all that, and speaking of pic and picture it’s just generally, more widely supported throughout the entire IOS now, so whether you’re Watching a movie in an Apple TV in that app or just any video in some far really and it’s pretty straight forward, because once in a video is full screen, you Jay swipe up to go home and that video would shrink down and keep playing in a picture and picture window.

You can also play with the size of that window, move my around to enter a corner abs just keep doing whatever you’re doing behind that picture, you can even swipe it over to the side to get rid of the visuals for a minute but the audio keeps playing in the background and then you can bring it back whenever you want and keep going. It really does feel like true multitasking and then laying for compact UI.

Now coming to Siri; which in all previous version use to always be this full screen take over, but now on IOS 14 it’s just a little divination at the button and they’re sort of adjusted but it’s not perfect. So you can call up Siri the sane way by long press the power button and it’s the smaller animation at the bottom of the screen. you ask it a question, it pops up an answer at the top of the screen where it can but the downside is; it doesn’t let you interact with anything underneath without exiting Siri. So while yes the animation is small and it doesn’t take up the whole space anymore, it still doesn’t quite feel as much like the true multitasking, like if they let me scroll an article underneath my Siri answer, nevertheless you can still see what’s underneath there if you need to reference it while you’re talking to Siri and then from there there are a lot little useful things but little things.

I think the best way to categorize them, is to put then into two buckets, the first would be straight from Android and the second would be genuinely new stuffs that google should copy.

Now straight from Android is the start keyboard have finally added emoji search where you’re typing a word and hoping the suggested emoji pops up, but now you can just search for any emoji you want anytime.
Then there’s a new stock translate app which is nice to see but it only supports a smaller number of languages that’s about a dozen right now but I expect to see that list grow overtime and I work spree for quick translating conversations between two people and then finally default emoji and browser apps would be able to change in IOS 14!.

For now it’s only emoji and browser but it’s still a win because those are the two that most people often want to set as a different default so, I’m excited to get chrome as my default browser. Now there’s also app clips which is like a little snips of apps that you can quickly and temporarily use when you don’t have the whole app installed but need to use some of its functionalities and there’s a lot of good stuff there, but then I’ll move on to the super unique features that I haven’t seen, and some of these stuffs wasn’t even talked about on stage but as people dig through the data and we have found some of it, and it’s good.

Now I want to start with some accessibility settings in the IOS 14, if you go into the setting and accessibility touch and then back touch, you can now add a double tap or a triple tap on the back of the phone to a shortcut, so I’ve mapped double tap on my phone to open up Siri so litrally what I do is double tap the back and after about half a second, Siri pops up and then, if you triple tap it’ll take a screenshot, although there’s a slight delay in the screenshot but it does work and it has to need of an excluding thing mapped into the back of the phone.
But I kind of wish opening the camera was one of the available shortcuts, here’s another really Interesting feature, sound recognition this would let you turn on the notification of the phone mic recognize a sound that might be important, it’s meant for people hard at hearing but it can still be used by anyone if it picks up a doorbell, a fire alarm or a faucet running that you forgot to turn off.

There’s more me mogi customization they still don’t look like me, but you can add face coverings like mask, and then a privacy feature any time an app is using your camera the IOS would show you a green light to let you know that it’s accessing the camera.

Here’s a quick overview of IOS

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