5 way Identification and attachments can Help us understand more about our personality

5 way Identification and attachments can Help us understand more about our personality

Before I continue with this article, I want to hammer out a few terms here, so let’s start with identity.

An identity is basically who you believe you are, do when it comes to identification that’s a particular thing that we believe that we are, so let’s say for example, I believe myself to be a painter and so I begin to identify with party, let’s say somebody comes and they insult painters and they say painters are weird or something like that  Maybe I might feel a little slighted by that or it somebody say something positive about painters like painters are really awesome “creative and intelligent people,  I might feel a little bit related from that it identification.

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So what is an attachment, an attachment is basically when you identify with something that you are not, it’s like you’re adding something on to yourself that is not you,  so conceptually let’s say I decide I’m a painter but there’s nothing in me that’s a painter,  like I might occasionally paint and for the feet I might spend my whole life painting, maybe I paint from sunrise to sunset, everyday but It still doesn’t make me a painter, so identification is actually a false identification, so with all of these identification and all of these attachments, they generally root back into a general number that we create around our lives so since people are generally story tellers when we traffic a lot in conceptual understanding because of our strong intellectual, we a tendency to want to fit into a particular way in this story that we want to have turn out in a particular way, so let’s say for example I have in mind that I’m a painter and in my life,  I want to become a famous pained and become extra good and gain respect and that’s hoe I want my story to go. So there’s kind of little this linear push like when we think of ourselves as we’re protagonist of the story and then we want things to turn out usually in a goof way for us or in someway that we perceived to be a good way for our story ends.

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So here’s an example, let’s say that the name that hung my life to fit into Is that I’m some international woman of mystery like common San Diego, like that I have this idea that the super Romanized idea in my head about how I’m going to travel from place to place and here all these different lovers and have all these different happen with my life and this is my goal.

For my life this is KY narrative and so I have this identification of this beautiful mysterious woman and then  I have like all of these attachment and all these things like I want to have happen and you know it’s basically this overacting fantasy for my life.

So then when the rubber meets the road and I don’t have a lot of money to travel and let’s say I’m not maybe quite as beautiful as all that and maybe I’m not super mysterious but I have all of these goals of how I want my life to go,  you know that’s going to cause the struggle that’s going to cause some sort of story that we create,  you know a lot of people’s stories are a little bit more subtle,  like I’ll say for example I think, all I have my own business and I really want to see my business go well, and I’ll get a house and I’ll be able to relax and I’ll have these kinds of luxuries and I’ll have the sense of success.


That’s another one of those stories and it’s a little bit more common,  it’s a little bit more subtle but of course with that narrative you have a particular way that you want life to go and so when you see that life isn’t going that way you should struggle against it,  but the problem with the struggle is that we can’t just let it go because we feel like our attachments and our identification and overacting narrative is going to pan out for us.

It’s going to bring us some great sense of fulfilment and of course in these stories we might end up being that international women of mystery who knows or might end up being successful at your business,  and getting the house that you wanted and your stories does work out. But non the less there Is no satisfaction to be found in Feb story because there’s always more wants, you know story had to keep going because I’d the story doesn’t keep going then who are you.

So if you’re not the person struggling with the business to make it then who would you become there,  when you’re so used to currently yourself in that way,  so attachments feel positive and they are a big stumbling block towards your happiness because attachment would never bring that fulfilment.

What happens is that this desired end are really just feeling to mitigate feelings of unworthiness, feeling of self-hatred and an escape from emptiness to feel like life has a point. Life is what it is and it’s happening but if you go around looking for meaning or significance or a pony you’re not going to find any.

So in light of this being a topic,  before I talk about how to let go of attachment and that’s something that I’m actively working on now, trying to just shift away.

Little by little attachments that I have and that’s the way it’s kinds of works, sort of a debt for the attachment so before I go into the process I want to tell you a little bit about my personal attachments m,  right now I have many little micro attachments but I would say that all of these attachments root around 3 primary identification and so my first identification is the good wise intelligent person and High achiever.

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