The Asus laptop with the same size and weight of an Ultrabook

The Asus laptop with the same size and weight of an Ultrabook

The Asus ROG ci4 gaming laptop that are not up their gaming, this is a pretty amazing laptop, I know a lot of you really wanted me to review this and it seems I’ve never had the chance to do it.
So I had to pick this one up to see just how ground breaking this AMD processors is so the Zephyrus G14 gives me hope in tomorrow and today actively too much is a cool thing, you know with all the hopes for thunderbolts gaming laptops, said and to set their legs on fire or destroy themselves and all that sort of thing but going back to the original Razr blades which was a 14inch model which you could fry eggs on.

Because it had thermal challenges and all that sort of thing, because it’s of an easy technology there and part of that has to do with Intel, who seems to be creeping along reality slowly with their CPU lietratures and having troubles getting things smaller using less power and generating less heat.

Because of the struggle they just had to get to 10 new Meter, well AMD rising 4k series CPU has an inside arch chest, finally they’ve done and presented two architectural grim or whatever you want to call it, because this is something special, now I want to review do the Ultrabook because no laptops have the Ultrabook versions of this so anyone who wants to review the HP amid the X360 full 45 watt h series, equivalent process inside but this putting right here is interesting because you can get it with a horizon 7 or horizon 9 and it’s the H5 variations, so we have the horizon 9 which roughly will be equivalent and longer too core 19 more like the latest generation intelligence core i7 or 8 core CPU perhaps because of the performance, but anyways.


It means it’s basically the 45 watt processor but they dropped it down to 35watt without really compromising the performance and for this special source kind of thing, you’d get an exclusive Intel the MQS, sonny Christmas time we’ll see more manufactures with this verse they have to work so closely to the manufacturer to ensure the performance and all that stuff, so it’s really pretty neat.

Here are the specs:
14 FHD IPS 60Hz, rohz and OHD display
AMD Ryzen 74800Hz
AMD Radeon Vega 8 + NVDIA GTA
16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
White back-lit keyboard, MS precision trackpad
So at the lower end of the higher tier, shall we say for gaming laptops try with the RTX 2016, MAX Q, that’s the powerful enough to get you high to ultra end getting at least 60 frame per seconds in January considering the low and high selling of the ultra 7, so you get the idea.
That’s still pretty capable stuff especially considering the fact that we have a 1080p display, full HD resolution, now theirs is one model that goes up to the WQ HD maybe more for the content creators.
The 14inch and the full HD is good and it’s a full HD 100frns with 1020Hz full HD display by the way soon you want a 120Hz for your laptop generally consider the 9-5 configuration but it also going to vary by country.

It’s a pretty good Full HD, IPS display it’s what you’d expect in this price range basically its full SSD RGB colour gamit, its palm tall calibrated at the fact that they’re actually doing a pretty good job. But if you’re looking for super high gamit and super high resolution for content creators that’s not okay because I think they want to create this in the premium category but not the obscenely expensive category, Asus has a laptop detest $3k, if you’re looking for that sort of thing but this isn’t it, so that’s another apparent thing about this, it’s starts at $1299 with a rise in 7 and the V7x team so the horizon 9 is 1449 but right now, I’d best size on set for like 1349, which is like a seal and that gets you the pixel 7, 2060 max and that 120Hz full march, 20 display, so that’s a lot of laptop at that price especially given the fact that it’s pretty premium stuff and it’s clash looking in terms of the performance

The body works.

The casing on this by the way looks really great, it back is aluminum and the keyboards deck is magnesium alloy, even the bottom is magnesium alloy as well, magnesium alloy tend to feel a little bit more plastic so don’t be fooled by that so it’s quite light and you’re trying to keep the weight down without cutting the battery capacity and other good things.
This laptop weighs about 14 inch ultrabook, but it has a whole lot more power, it’s a little thicker though compared to the Lenovo thick pad, you can see compared to the lenovo thick pad X, which is their latest most premium 14inch ultrabook to get a 90Hz and it’s a little thicker than that, so granted.
The pattern on the lid is still has the signature ASUS cutout along the bridge area in the back and that diagonal line that they like, so you can see a whole list of jokes down there, and by the way this is available in a white colour or in the eclipse gray, the choices to which one you want are yours.

But there’s over 6000 little holes in them, they think it looks pretty cool but it’s also there for the 2000 model that just day relevant today and that’s the anime matrix design, which means to 1280 little LEDS underneath there, so you can have like animated gotta or static Jpegs oh a level little design or App that you could use to light up the lid personality, I don’t feel the need for that but you know with it comes with the QHD displays so to look into the higher resolution might make it the extra dots too.

But anyway beyond that it’s not overly very good looking that’s a nice thing.


There’s no consensus to the gaming keyboard of the Asus, then you’ll usual Space looking triangular power button, which doubles as a fingerprint scanner and it has a space bar that’s taller on the left hand side and that’s for people who are gaming using the WASD keys.
And you need to hit that spacebar, if you need more realistic do top on, speaking of the keyboards, it’s really very good, I miss the days of keyboards that are slim, so this keyboards are fairly skin and they’re manages why great key return and fell and it reminds me of the ThinkPad keyboard and that’s surprisingly especially since a lot of the Asus gaming laptop, especially the thin ones don’t have such awesome feelings keyboards, also if you’re used to the old HD series keyboards that ribs on the side gaming laptops, a lot like that feels a little bit more crisp a little but more great term.

As a keyhole over all, and that sort of thing.

The white back lighting is not the most brilliant thing on white silver keys, Turing it on can actually reduce visibility in certain lighting situations and it’s not even at all good. But they’re all like this, why that is and why they couldn’t fix it I don’t know, because the laptop has actually being released two months ago and they’re used this time to address this.

The Microsoft precision trackpad js wonderful, I mean in precision trackpad is always a good thing but some are better than others, and this one is one of my favorite because it’s very responsible abs very accurate and very natural, speaking of that,

The bezels around the top and the sides are quite small, it looks to me that they had room for a Webcam but there’s actually no Webcam and now with the whole work at home thing.

Of course by doing this work at hone thing unless you decide and discovering how crappy it’s, your Mi7 Webcam is, and you go out and get the whole together camera and get better results and that’s what you would have to do here.

Asus makes one that hangs on the top if you want to buy theirs or you can get any other one, you want but it’s not there.
Also the bottom bezels is pretty tall and didn’t Marc the footprint of the bottom of the chaise, so that’s why sometimes button bezels are big and they couldn’t shrink that chaise anyway which is understandable.

You can have room for cooling and the AMP processor is really impressive here and I said the same thing with the ultra book but this is a Harder thing to do here now that you’re getting the higher watch of 75 t 4t watt processors and it really keeps it cool and there’s a trick to it becoming cooler when gaming and I’ll talk about that in a moment, but when it’s much better than intellect and a lot of the time we’ll see the same with their Razr blade 14inch and to this day and it’s much better with the Raze blade is here, but there’s a better chaise and it’s the challenge of the thermal because I tell process ate just getting awful hot but some how the laptop just keeps it cool, which means less fan noise.

It doesn’t mean Chase though as this is relatively thug, the area where that’s striped above with that the volume keys are instead of the bezels that open gets very hot but if you touch and of you’re a gaming, the bottom will get so we still have a gaming laptop here in terns of chaise temperature so you can use the information productively or for streaking videos.

No problem whatever it’s just when pushing it with the CPU and the GRU x level and gaming but the core temperature on this, I mean running today’s demanding games like battlefield v on ultra selves and I’m saying core temperature like 85 per intell would be the normal thinking and it would be getting closer to the 100 and if you use little trick here, it won’t disable all the traction but it’ll pretty easy to do with the registering on that and you can actually disable turbo something you usually felt like I don’t have to do.
But the base clock fields of the CPU is very high it’s 3GHz, Intell and like 2.5 GHz that’s the place do. So it’s high enough and games are challenging the GPU but nktvthe CPU is quiet, I didn’t see any difference in frames rates,by disabling turbos and having it run, every state because it’s 3GHz on the core temperature and you can see the screen we’re talking about 7 celsus and a 105 durable maxims.

So it’s very good, now give the really string CPU performance, it’s really great for games like 6x for example the trans tines are so fast and delightful.

• * *
Games like S6 for example the tag times are so fast and its delightful on these given the portability of this, the relatively speaking affordable price tag for this is like the ultimate college laptop, for those of you who like to game on their way to the school and be doing engineering work or a 3D rendering the benchmarks on this are what you’d expect to see on an 8th core i7, 10th gen CPU, putting at even to a core i9 territory which is affordable for something this small, but if you need something really powerful on the go that fits into a laptop bag easily like in the Ultrabook.

Let’s say you’re doing video editing, if you’re doing 3D rendering kind of work, like heavy duty screening or number crunching kind of stuffs, all these sort of use cases where you’ll need a lot of CPU power. So the benchmark number on this are excellent, but real world tear, say you’re doing handbrake video, this actually Rocks, it’s okay to IG, 4k H.2 video file and it compared it down to 1080p if that’s 264 again and I compared that to the razor blade pro 17, intell Logan model that we’d just reviewed but it doesn’t matter, it’s just the CPU for this, and it was actually faster by 2.5b seconds that’s significant here when you’re taking 2 minute intro time versus 25 sec and it actually a little faster than the Dell GS XS that we have with our horizon 940, so it’s nice.

But there is some drawbacks here for the price, it doesn’t get thunderbolt 3, why? Because it was an intell product they have finally Opened up that silicone and 15 believe that their USB computers are sort of ruing that now, so we’ll start to see more thunderbolt 3 with AMD processors but not very yet so, it’s getting close to perfect but it’s not quite there.
We do have USB ports however, one that supports powered in if you wish to do that, though its not going to change at the rate of the power break that cones with it which is a 1080watt for a display app.
Now we have another USB C storage on the side so you can use the USB C but you can’t use to thunderbolt 3 dots. If you want to use an EGP that’s thunderbolts 3 you can’t do that here, you’d get a 2 USB A ports, both of then are on the right hand side, if you need money display ports than the USB C port can handle it, then headphone Jack as well.

How loud are the speakers?

The speakers on this are unexpectedly hood, after you’ve just received the MST G 60 Racer the 15 inch chaise this one is stereo speakers that are upturning on the front edge if the keyboard and Walters that fire down, so the sound I’d not only loud but it’s quite full in places that you might sound, it doesn’t have annoying bits. And better yet, because of the AMD CPU, it really matches the hat so he’ll, especially if you disable boost on it, and the fans are not going to drown it out at all, the fans are pretty much close to silence fit productivity work but if you’re gaming you’ll certainly hear them but they will not fill the room with noise it’s good.

It does have a fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button which is a perfectly nice place, it’s not the best tower, but I’d get an update and my improved so I had to get my fingerprints actually in the process because it want any better. But it’s a little bit better now, I don’t know what the deal is here, today fingerprint scanners are typically good by this isn’t one of the good ones.

So Asus circles worth for there and all the gaming laptops, I don’t know but it’s just leaving it installed, it has a variety of performance and power profile integrated reality thing with the AMD’s design specs, I don’t have any problems with the way I know the design specs, and when these first came out nearly 2 months ago, some people had problems with the screen blacking out, when they’re just watching a video or something, but there’s a big update for that.

For me personally I haven’t had any problems or weirdness with this laptop it’s being a very stable one.

Coming to the Battery life?
So the battery life sucks right? Well they have a 76 watt hour battery that’s very micro 40/bh laptop that’s approaching what Raze does in the blade 350, which is an 80watt hour battery, so plenty of juice right there and when you’re using it plug in and you’re not doing things like gaming, which you better plug in, if you want your minimum performance though, AMD dies better than Intel when it comes to unplugged gaming performance.

So for productivity work and all that sort of thing, not lifting the CPU isn’t much, so the battery life on this, so when windows first projected 10 hours when I first started using, I rolled my eyes.

And I’ve actually at av1050mits if brightness seen, about 9 hours of use, for light productivity work and steaming videos, but if you’re doing harder stuffs like adobe premiere or photo shop or series cooking or Harder stuffs, the run tine are going to be shorter than that, likewise of you crank up the brightness, so that’s pretty good too.

So it has about 6 vents for the subway and the vents are back and in the sides as well, taking out the back cause is pretty easy you’ve got flip head screws and then you tackle the covers off.

Finally! The internals…

The internals are pretty cool, there’s a 76watt hour battery, the woofers are facing downwards CPU GPU fans and heat syncs and nice 4 couriers tripods, and a lot of shared heatlipes but the thermosis are well under control.
We gave 8Gs of DDR, 3200 Mega hits RAM slot on board and we have 1RAM slot, so that’s a slight drawback there, so the maximum you can go to is 40Gs, this and currently with 16Gs here. 8Gs module and you gave 8G slaughter on board.
If you’re worried about dual channel, here’s an interesting thing even it you put a bigger models and say go for a 16 or 32G, The first 8G will be expressed as dual channel so the first I6Gs of RAM that your machine using still be her as dual channel, but anything above that will be single channel.

So overall performance shouldn’t be that bad, just give yourself a matching 3200 mega hertz DDR for SRDM so you can keep that performance a lot with the clock speeds.

Our M. 2 SSp here and it’s GOD sent, the heat tape on top if this is because it’s an Intel 660p, it’s an okay SSD, it’s not the fastest like the top Samsung draws but it also runs a lot cooler I mean and it uses less power and I suspect those are the two reasons, why they went with that intelligent SSD here and this is a 17b Below the end configuration over 5 12G SSD and so the A. m 2 cab upgrade it to whatever you like.

Another reason they might have gone with the cool SSD in terns of temperature that is it’s a line those are the internal lines for the Wi-Fi cards, the socket end the Intel, Wi-Fi 6 Axp, 200 card is actually located underneath the SSD so tech you cab change it you want to, that’s where its located.

So that all about the Zephyrus G14 and its some laptop, I really like what you get here for the price abs the portability of this is insane given the horsepower performance in here, you know, we dreamed of this year’s ago when the Razr blade stealth was announced and it just turned out to be an everyday ultrabook, back in the day, and it’s creeping up there in capability, But this one us very powerful it’s not perfect like I said the keyboards back-lit is not terrible even on it it’s doesn’t have a Webcam, but overall I just love it.


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