How to be more Confident when making business decisions

How to be more Confident when making business decisions

How do you become a more confident person? Today I want to write about something a little bit deeper and that is the subject of how to become more confident and this is the topic I feel like a lot of us privately suffer through and the thing is, anybody I guarantee it, if they’re really honest with themselves and they dig deep enough, you can ask anybody and they will 100% be something that they’re insecure about, that they don’t like and they wish they could change for me this is something I spend a lot of time working on and deep down I’m not a naturally extroverted person.

I’m naturally a quiet introverted who just spent a lot of time working in the areas I felt I needed improving in my life because I was tired of being uncomfortable in social situations feeling like I didn’t have the confidence to go after what I wanted and because of that I didn’t feel deserving of the things that I wanted go after and I think we all know that we don’t get what we want out of life but what we are out of life.

Not to mention that Fro the age of 18 to about 21, I had very little confidence outside of work I went from having a great time in highschool to working full time, having no friends, no girl had zero social skills and was really

uncomfortable in anything else other than work so what did I do, I just masked all of those insecurities and all those self consciousness by working all the time. I was the type that I was really confident when it comes to Real estate but I was just so insecure when it came to anything else.

I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to improve myself and again a deeper confident because this is an area I felt needed to be deeply improved and it just got to the point where I got so tired and I felt like I really had to make a difference and do something about it and really having this type of confidence is everything.

If you can get this one part of your life handled everything else will fall into place, you’re going to end up just being a happier person, you’re going to have less stress, you’re just going to be making more money, you’re going to have less stress, you’re just going to be earning all you deserve.

Things are going to happen a lot easier with a more confidence, you gave and these are the things that I’ve found that have helped me do the best in getting the most confidence possible, and keep in mind the steps I’m about to tell you To Help improve your confidence is more so of a process and it’s no a cure.

I would say it took me about 3 years to slowly become a more confident person and that it took a lot of work on my part, so urs not like you’re going to see these, are practical things that I did that tremendously helped me.

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Now the first step and thing you need to do is to force yourself to do is to force yourself to be in places you’re scared or uncomfortable. This is the only way to actually grow as a person, the whole point of doing this is just to rewire your brain to be accepting of uncomfortable situations by realizing that you can do these things that you’re afraid of and nothing bad happens
And If anything you’ve actually gained something from it because you believe all of a sudden they you can go something that was ordinarily Not doable, just because you were afraid of my and slowly you’re going to be more confident and positive in thinking.
I was afraid of something I did and I pushed myself through that and nothing happened and because I did something I’m able to train myself to believe that fear is not something that’s pushed in your way from doing what you really want nothing bad happened and I’m more able to finally go these things that looks scared and in the process, you end up becoming more confident and more secure in yourself, eventually, when you continue to do this, you start to realize that things I’m scared of are really just disguised opportunities and with a lot of this you Judy have to go it consistently.
It’s all like going to the gym, you can’t just go do the gym once and expect to look yoked but if you go every single day consistently over 6 months, you can expect to get pretty muscled.

Now the second thing that I’ve found that worked rest well is to practice eye contact and this is something that is tough to do buy if you get it down it by such a huge difference now people who are confident have no problem with look a person in the eye and sneaking and it shows that they really brief in what they’re speaking about and they’re speaking about it with purpose.

The higher your attitude really becomes more confident when you can just look the other person and just not be nervous about it. And this is something you can do immediately after reading this, the next time you go out try looking the next person in the eye as you’re speaking with them and hold eye contact, try to make it so that they break eye contact first before you, now of course, don’t look at them like a serial killer but it’s just a really fun exercise to look people in the eye and get comfortable with being uncomfortable and thus is something that’s going to be really different in the beginning but it’s going to get a lot easier over time, and the more used to this you are the more Control you’re going to feel when you’re interacting with other people.

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