4 Reasons why the Google Pixel 4 Could be the next Big thing

4 Reasons why the Google Pixel 4 Could be the next Big thing

The Google pixel 4 is one of the phone I was really looking forward to last year and after so many months now, I still love the look and feel of the pixel 4 phone so I decided to do a review on the phone.

My honest review

I honestly think it’s a pretty decent phone, it’s low key and really clean there’s almost no markings on the back just the google G at the bottom, A matte black and aluminum Rays, are part of the design all the way around from the phone, the sneaker slot at the button are linned with the USB type C port and the power button on course on every version and the whole back of the phone on tow of the colours on every version is a soft touch matte finish, which I a great job of not showing fingerprints, it doesn’t scratch very easily and all, so of all the 3 colours available, I’m going to say this whole version Is the best one for me that’s pretty sweet.

And I’m also going to give the orange in second place, although it doesn’t have a great power button but at least it’s matte and in jet black weirdly glossy version is in 3rd place.

Since the rails are still matte black, you can still flap a matte black brand on it on the skin of any of these phones and you’re just made the Matte black google should have made in the first place.
Now the pixel 4 square camera bump is annoying raised bit I don’t find it as drastic as say Apple’s larger double rays and triple camera bump but it’s grown on me so it’s a pretty decent looking phone, I was though a little bit down on the not so super click button, just the volumes ones maybe but on the other hand, something a lot of people have missed that’s good to know, the phone is now ip68 water resistant, it still had the squeeze sensitivity fur the hesitant and it still has stereo speakers so they’re not front facing pair like they were last year but there are still a good sounding solid pair like they were last year with the slot at the button and the earpiece speaker combined.

The quest Part about this phone looks is the front, the part you look at most of the time, I’m not a fan of the forehead and it has a smoother chin at the button before but yeah, that’s big forehead and I don’t like it and I’m still kind of barely getting used to it.

And overall, the reason for the forehead doesn’t have me concerned, so there’s a cluster of new sensors at the top, including the selfie camera and also infrared projector and racer. Which is new in ant smart phone and this now some gestures, okay maybe it makes me not forward thinking but I still like fingerprint sensors and the phones has non of that.

The face unlock is the only biometric unlock this phone has and I find myself missing a fingerprint reader sensor and a rate of improvement for a fingerprint sensor under the glass has being pretty good. So that move was not my favorite.
The pixel 5 uses a rader sensor to essentially project a little bubble on the phone to see when things are near it, when things are in the bubble, when they exit it, enter it so when you reach for your phone basically your phone enters the bubble and it starts firing up the infrared and face unlock sensors early.

So by the time you pick the phone up, it’s already reading your face and logging you in, and its incredibly fast over and over again and it’s super impressive. But possibly it’s too fast.

It kind of reminds me of the One plus 6, that would just do face unlock with just the RGB camera, so they’ll be insanely fast and if it sees anything that looks like you, as soon as you glance at it, but this phone isn’t that, it’s 50th infrared so it can’t be fooled by a photo or video of you.

It still works in the dark and things like that, and so its got advantages. But it’s still a little wild, I just find myself unlocking this phone all the time, left and right sometimes I’ll pick up the phone to move it across the desk and I’ll just glance at the time and it unlocks the phone.

So it doesn’t require your attention but it will still unlock with your eyes closed, that’s a bit of a weird security, this are things that can potentially be fixed or improved with the software and Google’s being good about software updates but as of right now they’re just pretty annoying.

Now the senses also enable a couple of other gestures, So anytime you’re in a situation you can waive over your phone and use the gesture, the status bar sort of light up , it starts glowing and that means it’s ready, so those situations are alarm clocks, timers, media controls and a pick up live wallpaper android.

There’s non in the android setup, for example, nothing by tells you what’s going on, when you first get that glowing bar, you just have to know, so when an alarm or a timer Is going off, as your hand is going into the radar Bubble, it quietens the alarm, and then you can dismiss it by tapping or by swiping away.
Over the phone that’s fit my favorite and it works really well. The other thing that was less consistent for me was the music app, so if you’re on spotify or on Google playing music on that supported app where that glowing bar start showing up, you can swipe forward and swipe back through previous and next tracks.
When I first tried this I was getting a success rate of about 10% now with some trouble shooting and practice and some tips from twitter, I’d Say I’m up to like a 70% swipe success rate.

So it’s less of like a big arm movement but just a casual swipe and too close to the phone, but just right around to where the radar Bubble might be, to show you or tell you how to do it better.
But my opinion is that I’m still not going to use these, it sort of tells into that gimmick bucket as the G8 were however hand, saying action, if it told me how to do it better maybe I’d be more into it but I’m not going to use these.


If there’s anything to love about this new phone, it’s the display, pixel 4 XL have made the jump to soothe high resolution, higher refresh rate of 90hz display, my favorite trend in smartphone in the past year. So is it typical to show you exactly how much better that looks because I keep saying on camera, so anytime a new phone comes out with a 90Hz or higher display in can see a serious difference versus the 60hz it comes with some trade-offs though it’s not the brightest display sometimes they do hide their visibility and weak unfortunately. So I’m keeping this phone at a mac brightness, often and higher refresh rate also requires more power so you’re going to see a hit on your battery life.

Battery life

Initially we were all afraid of the battery life on pixel 3 knowing it has a higher refresh rate and the XL having a 3700mah and the smaller pixel 4 having a 2800mah battery life And it’s one of the smallest I’ve seen in a phone in a while.
But impressing, these phones have had for me okay battery life, but there’s a big reason for that, I was getting around 5 hours on the XL on 60Hrz refresh rate which is good, and a lot better than the F I thought it would be, turns out the reason this phone has being able to get even the okay battery life is because it racks it down to 60hz constantly all the time, it’s suppose to be smart about it, so it said when you turn on smooth display that it will turn back to 60hrz, when you’re not looking at it or using it too much and then racks it up to 90, when you’re surfing or seeing animations and stuffs but I just found that often it just stays at 60hrz for extended periods of time, and this is for no apparent reason.
It almost as if defaulting to 60Hrz most of the time and sometimes building up to 90hrz fit scrolling and some other things. I stated to not like it, I started to find that this place felt significantly chopping and any other 60hrz phone like day the Oneplus 7 pro, which seems like always at 90hrz.

So I said okay this isn’t great it’s not my favorite implementation of 90hrz it smooth sometimes, it’s almost like a tease which is back and forth so much, so I’m like digging around in developer options just to see if there’s anything new, and there I saw an option that I haven’t seen before and its to force 90hrz and it just keeps the display at 90hrz all the time no matter what’s happening on the screen and so its made a huge difference because now it’s always smooth.
So pro tip, if you’re one of those people whose more of a power user and uses their phone all the time and wants to see that 90hz happen, you can go on to the developers settings, scroll down, find 90hrz and turn it on. It will obliterate your battery life it’s even worse now closer to a D, it’s not lasting all Day but at least it’s smoother now.

Anyway I also found it has ambient EQ, which is suppose to be auto adjusting, the auto temperature cutting on the light around and you kind of like apple cut telling, but I’ve found it much more subtle so I just left it off, not nearly as dramatic and overall it’s bit the flashes or the most eyeballing or dramatic display on any smartphone on the edge or anything but it’s 90hrz, it’s 144p, it’s OLED and its flat bit listen we all you know what the pixel 4 is about, it’s what the pixel 3 was about it’s what the pixel 2 is about and it’s the”


Pixel 4
We have some new cameras on the back of the pixel 4, it’s dual camera back here, it’s a 12mp primary camera and s new 16mp 2x telephoto camera, now if you told me the pixel 4 would have the first second camera of any pixel phone and ask me what would be the most useless second camera, they would put, right behind like a black and white sensors or a tone of tight camera I would have put like a 2X telephoto lens, just behind an ultrawide with way more or 3 or 5x telephoto or anything or that stuff, but that’s what we got, we got 2x telephoto.
But you know what specs are just one thing, I got to actually use it in person and that what I’ve being doing.
Typical photos from the pixel 4 are very similar to pixel 3, great dynamic range, great sharpness and detailed. Very contrasting and punchy and dramatic and pass towards a little bit towards cooler toones but they’re excellent photos, they’re hot this lineage processing pinch and this HDR down to a science and that didn’t shock anymore thankfully.

So that’s good, now the improvements in the viewfinder are cool too, you here on HD approximation of what you’ll get applied before you, even snap the photos so there’s no guessing you can pretty much see what the fruit photos are going to look like, plus there’s new shades for exposure and shadows adjustments that cab be really cool and you can mess with it if you want.
But then having a second photo should mean polish photo should be good now right, because you have 2 lens is you can finally do depth in data, in between them but I found that they’re about the same. Infact some of the ones I took of mac here look worse than any I ever took on the pixel 3, but generally on photos of people it’s just about the sane jobs of cutouts and speaking of portrait mode you actually do with portrait photo anymore which the pixel 3 took some of the best photo.

But when you switch the portrait mode on the pixel 4 I wide camera but when you switch the portrait mode on the pixel 4 it automatically zooms in but not quite to 2x but then it doesn’t let you zoom out to take wide photos like the iPhone does.
So I tried to cover the 2x camera which on the portrait mode nothing happens, it still using the main camera 4 portrait mode photos, it just using the second camera for depth approximately so why does it zoom in, so basically the best thing about having a telephoto camera us for zoomed in photos, I don’t take a lot of zoomed in photos but I did notice then and their qualities do if you’re someone who to go 6-8zoom you appreciate the better zoom.

So the question still remains, is this the best camera in any smartphone because I think we can all agree, on the pixel 3 on top kg the stack glass here but now the field is catching up especially the iPhone 11 pro.

So which is better honestly in daylight for most photos, I prefer pixel photos and I definitely like the contrasting punching detailed look, some with wide awake selfies but they’re punchy detailed and I’m a fan but in lower light though. Tactically I prefer iPhone photos and I know the pixel just got astral photography capability that are really cool but that has always being cool for over a year now, but they got a little more dramatic and as a result a little more quest and iPhone new night mode and the fuse I think stayed short to life and as a result better in quality, fun fact I actually did a collab.

So is this the best camera in any smartphone?
Sometimes I would say it’s a toss up on the scenarios and its not a cut out I gave my reasons but if I can pick one, which is sort of a different question, I would pick iPhone 11 pro, because it’s more versatile.

It has the ultra wide and it absolutely crushes it in video, but video is not much of a fpcis on the pixel 4 camera anymore.
It’s made up of 4k 20xps which google tweeted is going to take up much XPS bit you could have still enabled it in settings if you cared right and that’s also doesn’t explain why it doesn’t have the 24, it’s video which would have being pretty cool edition and also tops out at 1080p of a front facing wide camera.

So generally if you’re in it for video you shouldn’t be looking at pixel you should be looking at iPhone 11 pro. And then you can’t forget android to which gives the special treatment on the pixel since its Google’s baby but there are some good features here that adds to how smart it is, as a smartphone, you’re already heard about the Radar Bubble or the smart unlock features, they moved the text to speech offline, and its local on the phone so the text to speech is way faster and way more consistent.

I love that because you can talk as fast as you want and if you works and there’s a new voice recorder app, that takes advantage of that to live translate everything you say and then index that to make it available , that’s like a special level feature. I personally probably won’t use it too much but I cab see how people who use that would find it a really big deal, but yeah the vest part if the pixel is how refined android it is, if you want the latest version of Android, if you want to be first with updates if you want the coolest edge features and the assistant and that the pixel us the phone to get so overall my favorite conclusion about pixel 4 are of course, about how disputing it is with I think is a way conclusion to reach if you follow throughout the leaks and nothing really surprises me and they’re things that are let down, I personally really enjoy using pixel because of the Purity confident excellent camera for still photos and the 90hrz display which a lot of phones don’t and of course the extra RAM.

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