5 Reasons why I Prefer the HP Envy 360 to Lenovo


5 Reasons why I Prefer the HP Envy 360 to Lenovo

The HP Envy x360 13=inch or the 132 moles, HP has bring doing great things with the Envy and I guess, it’s even better in parts because we have the new AMD ring 400 series CPU in the inside otherwise known as the Pen 2 or Rev 1, it’s very fast and has excellent performance and it keeps the price reasonable, but beyond that they’ve done a redesign just in time like the way they did with the spectra x360 last year.
Now the distance is over 17 millimeters short and it retracts the bottom chin bezels that use to be kind of large, beyond that you’ve got a metal case and they call this the nightfall black, all aluminum case and a vase and a nightfall HP display options because you can look at it now.

So this laptop is one heck of a 13inch ultra book I’ll tell you, HD dells are just in a matte black at the XPS line VS the envy, the spectra and who can make the smallest one, they say the Hotpoint if your old school 11inch laptops and they’re not lying, it looks tiny, it’s also very attractive look given the price tag that’s pretty darn nice, maybe j should get an aluminum casing here and that nice black and you get a Full HD display that’s the only display options and that’s fair because our models nicely equipped it and it got the rising 5, inside and it gets 8Gs of RAM and a 256G of SSD and it sells for around $700 and it looks very premium.

Now if you want to spend even less, there’s a rising in thermal and the rising is trying to kind of parallel Intel core i3, I5 and i7, and their nomenclature and Dell has 8G of RAM and all the 3G 60, I would go up to the rise and 5 if you can afford if, it’s not too much of a big jump in price, let’s take a look at the specs:

13.3 FHD display, pen + touch, 300mt, 400mh
AMD radeon graphics
AMD Ryzen
Intel, Wi-Fi 6, AX200 + Bluetooth 5
White backlit keyboards, MS precision trackpad
720 Webcam with privacy button and mic nuts button
And the price starting at $649

You could go up to a mic in 720 is the max , regardless of which one you’re going to get on MZ in one MSSD with reasons of the spread, so that’s a lot of niceness for the price here. So HP is really kind of almost treating their own specters S350 lying here because you’re getting the metal class and all that stuff but for those of you who want some of the added niceness to those like a 4k display for example, or a thunderbolt 5 then the spectra there if you’re not so much in that LG design which is pretty cool.

The displays
The display supports pen and touch, the pen I didn’t see it in the box here but Microsoft pen seeing HP pen, this days especially ones that’s USB C rechargeable and you can even use the Microsoft surface pro, as well if you wanted to.
They built this more for note taking and that’s appropriate, and triggers little less smooth when it comes to things like diagonal line, diagonal line generally and all that stuff because the exist is fine and for note taking because the palm rejection software is pretty goof these days, obviously there are 360 hinges here that makes this as a convertible Ultrabook.

Now for those of you who like all of this bit want a 15inch laptop, they’ve actually can make it in the 15 inch size into a smaller specs and similar pricing so they’re nice circuits and Webcam’s there’s a privacy switch, there’s a fingerprint scanner in the keyboard, the power button is right next to the lead key and the keyboards fur that to me is not the most brilliant decision but hey and they have a quick lunch button for the HP pavilion which would mostly use for the thermal pros flies so there diversions of optimized or balance there is a High performance model which in out test didn’t make actually that much of a difference and in a couple of super quiet kind of selling.

Now the star here is going to be this Yeats AMD tier and 4k series, CPU, so we have the rise in the U series the ultra book 15, the CPUs with AMD, Radeon and the 38 graphics which are about like intell, plus graphics, and the G7 graphics so you don’t have to go for the highest end and the core i7 and the Intel graphics language to get that kind of similar graphic performance here for less money.

There’s also the rise n 5, 4500 and this is a good performance benchmark clear to Intel 5 very nice, and the other good thing about the rise of that the performance in terms of thermals, the heat and the battery life are also excellent, which is new for horizon CPU in this generation and lively, we’ve got there and we did get the job of it at some point, that’s the wood money bench marks doing some of the more demanding taxes, like hand brake, video and co-existing in all that sort of thing, CPU temperature typically mixed down around 85 whereas intell we see more like 95 centigrade, so that’s good.
The cooling here is not quite as effective as it is on the Lenovo idea pad flag 5 where we did the sane review with the same CPU but that’s s 14 inch chest no higher laptop are a little more room for cooling and I would make my buying decisions on that because this one’s still ruing could, the improved thermos here vs the Intel are awesome, you’re going to hear the fan a lot less and if you push it hard, you’ll hear the ultrabook fan, you know like a shy, but not a roaring it anything like that.

I don’t think most people would be bothered by it, it’s the metal I didn’t find any hot to the touch do the new series CPUs are so Walsh they’re boy the super powerful mobile work station style CPU are so I didn’t find any burning hot spots on the laptop and with newer things like bench marking so its good there.

What about the ports

in terns of ports you’ve got the USV A ports or what I’ll call drop down hinge on them because it’s too thin, you’d just out the USB A port while doing and we have USB C and that is chin book in an supportive with the first display ports and it supports power delivery though.
This cones with a barrel price charging and it could use a USB C charger if you want it, so there’s no thunderbolts 3 Herr cos the thunderbolt 3 was Intel intellectual property now it’s opening up in the future, well price counts there but one the love, you’d don’t expect to see thunderbolt 3 in something that’s selling for $650, you can use USB C so that’s a go.

Now in terms of display?
In terms of displays, no matter what you go with here, it has 3 options it’s still going to get full HD IPS be it’s going to support the pen and touch now we have the 300 which we haven’t seen in person, the 400 which is the one that we have, which really goes way over 400min, and it’s nice to this happening now that the manufacturers, I’ve seeing inclined and there’s also a 1k next pricing display which we’ve seen on yet HP spectra series, it gets mostly very bright go deal with the privacy screen function and I’ll be on it.
For me it’s a good display, we have full SLR G coverage which it’s nice to see and we have better average contrast ratio you cajbsre the specs sunscreen and its reasonably well calibrated from the factory too, it’s the pleasure of the screen that makes the colour accurate onscreen.
As ever with HP laptop, are it’s glossy, plenty of reflections and glare.

The keyboards
The keyboard in this is back lit and for many levels of back-liting and it doesn’t have a lot of tracks it’s a skinny laptop and the tech tile feels in the is pretty good and as we all get adjusted to this lower travel keyboards, it’s fine it’s but a weirdo shoot travel keys, it’s moderate and average short travel keyboards.
We have a Microsoft precision travels on boards and the back-lit are perfectly well, but it’s a slightly rough service as you can actually have your fingerprints going across, so I like the easy tracton, so you’re bit skimming across the tracks.

It has stereo bang and ulson rand speakers here with HPs software to Amp up the 50ML and given hoe timely it is, it actually has some basic which is impressive and plenty of volume on board.
The battery.
This is a 51 watt hour battery which is a good size capacity battery, with the 65watt fast charger, that cab change it up to 50% in 30 minutes and again it’s the board pinch kind of connector that you can use in the USB charger, if you want.
HP claims about 12 hours for Netflix Streaming and almost 13 hours for web browsing that’s if the brightness is set to a 1050nints in, as always a little optimistic 5here, with web browsing and they mean edge and chrome which is more resource intense and they mean a few tabs open not 25 tabs open in your web browser, but I’ve found on average that we’ve managed to 9-10hours why the incline and that’s really good, cause horizon is really leading the way here with some reduced power consumption and a good performance.
Now The difference between the HP Envy and the lenovo pad flip
The Lenovo pad flip of its most direct competitor, the Lenovo is a 14inch IP plus less this being a 13.5ibch, so in part though it depends on your performance so there’s a huge difference but both here have full HD displays, both here have the same visiting CPU optical bots,the displays o the HP is much better and has a much wider colour because it has a full SD mean vs the LG 65, per say.
So it also has higher contrast, so that stands in its found but for Mr I like the lenovo keyboard feel a little bit better but, I like the look of the AMP better and the feel that it has an aluminum casing on whereas the Leno’s is plastic.
So the HP looks more clearing and a little bit prettier do the MIX not that looks are everything but it influences. there is something that I was creating, it might not get into that on that again to access the speaker that hold the bottom.
There’s no need go bother opening this up, because most of it because we all of ultraviolet and the RAMs are strutted on and the only thing you b able replace is the M-2if you want to pull in then or a faster one and Wi-Fi cotton slots.


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