6 Interesting Books you can Read this weekend

6 Interesting Books you can Read this weekend

The best books I’ve read this week are one of my surprising read of the year. So the whole concept of this article is I really try to not have expectation when I go into books because it leads to some disappointments sometimes or if I’m lucky it can work out in my favor and I’ll be surprised by the book but as much as I try to not have these expectations, I usually do and I just can’t help it, a book that surprise me is one that is, it ends up being something I like more than I thought I really would, I may have thought it sound be a 3 star or 4 star, and if I thought it was going to be a four star, it actually was a 3 star.

Now on the other hand, books that disappointed me was one that I may have thought was a 3 star but it turned out to be a 4 star or a 4 and a 3 but you get what I mean.

The books that disappointed me was because I’ve heard great things about them from other people or because I’ve rear something by their authors before and I liked more than by the books I was disappointed by.

So we’ll start with the best that I’ve read this week and that would be the prince and the dress maker by Jane Wayne, this book surprised me for a couple of reasons, one that it’s a graphic novel and I haven’t read a graphic novel in a really long lime,

I Just generally don’t enjoy graphic novels but I guess it really depends because I liked this one a lot. The artistically design is beautiful, I love the colours and it is set in fragrance in the dawn of the modern age, so it’d a very romantic fairy take setting and you follow the prince who lives dressing up in dress but he doesn’t see great.

He dresses up as a girl; lady chrystella and he ends up hiking a dress maker who becomes his best friend and then their relationship and what he’s going through, it deals with gender identity and it does so in a great way, I think it does it very well, I think this posses a very cute and impactful story and they gave me everything I have no clue what I was about going to it but it was so great and I loved the book, and it really warned my heart.

Now let’s go to the not so great book and that’s if I’m being honest by Austin seignan, you might remember me talking about always never yours and how I loved that book, It was a Romeo and Juliet retelling, and this book is a taming of the shrew retelling and now I feel like he was under the radar, they weren’t many people who were talking about it but this book on the other hand, felt like it was a lot more hyped and there were a lot more people talking about it, so that got me excited especially because I had enjoyed the previous book so much but there was something about thud story that just fell flat and it didn’t connect with me.

The main character Cameron can be really bitchy and obviously it’s a taming of the shrew retelling so she does around trying to tame herself and trying to make amends for all the things she has done wring and she is trying to catch the attention of a boy but she ends up kind if varying away from that boy towards another and it’s like what is happening.
It wasn’t that storyline or the fact that Cameron was an unlikable character that didn’t match with me because I knew all of that going in, it was just something about it that I just couldn’t connect on the level that I did on the previous book and I can’t really explain why but it was very unfortunate and I wish I had enjoyed this one more especially because I felt like a lot of people did but I’m glad that people are being introduced to this author duo and I hope they will try and always endorse because I really liked that.

Next is another book that surprised me would be the Kidd quotient by helen hoang, so when I started reading adult romance, I pretty much went to the book store and looked for one and at the ones with the pretty illustrated covers because I loved those covers and the ones that I heard people talking about.

The knee that I recognize the titles more, I didn’t go into a lot of them, knowing a lot and this is one that I bought without knowing any thing about it, and then I started it and read the synopsis and I was like I feel like this might be a little bit much for me, because there’s certain level of smart that I can handle and I felt like this was going to go past that.

But the main character stellar Lyn who is a character with awesome spectrum disorder and his own voice story that which was a nice surprise and stellar is very dedicated to her job she loves it, she lives the algorithms, she owes the basic maths honestly which can’t be hard.
But the one thing she had not being able to figure out is dating and sex, so she hires a make escort to teach her all about that so, you can kind of see why it felt like it was going to be a little bit much into it like.

First I felt like it was 15 pages in and then you get the first sex scene, maybe even before that but it was actually a really adorable romance and I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with super smartly books but it’s just not my type.

I like more of the romantic side of things and this definitely haven’t that and it was really cute and I was super into the characters and their story and watching their romance blossom it was just adorable and I love the fact that families got involved d lived seasoning the family aspect if it, cause I feel like a lot if times with romance, you don’t get the families and I like that, and it makes it feel much realistic tonne, honestly I felt like this was the perfect amount of smart for me so it was very nice surprise.

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