The best digital coin to buy in the month of may

The best digital coin to buy in the month of may

Cryptocurrency range from large cryptocurrencies to affordable ones. It is a guide to finding the right investment.

The biggest cryptocurrency boom since the end of 2017 has attracted a lot of attention. Investors pay attention to major cryptocurrencies to increase their portfolios. The most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, recently hit a record high of $ 63,000, followed by high sales, giving investors a window to buy Bitcoin before the price rises again.

Today, the value of one bitcoin is $ 56,000. In recent months, after US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) declared he was planning to raise the capital gains tax and prompted some investors to abandon their shares, the price of cryptocurrencies has dropped from a high. However, this did not stop the financial services industry from growing in digital currencies.

In late March, Visa said in a statement that it would allow USDC stablecoins to be used in transactions.

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced this week that it will launch an award-based credit card along with MasterCard. The idea is to enable users to earn cash in the form of cryptocurrency.

Coin investment

Investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase is also gearing up to launch a bitcoin trust fund for its clients. Vendors like online retailer NewEgg, select luxury hotel chain Kessler, and NBA team Dallas Mavericks also accept not only bitcoin but popular meme keys on social media as well.

Don’t forget Tesla Inc. Elon Musk. It will start accepting Bitcoin as payment for electronic cars. As several companies accept cryptocurrencies as the true payment method, it’s time to invest in some cryptocurrencies based on your budget. If you want to know the best ways to invest in coins in May, here’s a guide to help.


The leading cryptocurrency in May 2021


has a market value of $ 316 billion and is the second-largest cryptocurrency created in 2015.

The Ethereum blockchain is designed to create smart contracts that can run decentralized applications such as the popular decentralized services (DeFi ). While investors see Bitcoin as gold, this Ethereum feature allows for more public blockchain transactions. The current value of USD Ethereum is USD -3,376.34 Binance Coin, with a market value of USD 90.9 billion, and is the third-largest cryptocurrency launched in 2017.


The token is the home currency of Binance Smart Chain, a new ecosystem developed by Binance Exchange and the company. As one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world, the company aims to become a major infrastructure service provider for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Binancecoin’s current value in USD is $ 663.43. Solana is one of Devi’s fastest-growing ecosystems, and now owns a local cryptocurrency that peaked last month.

It was launched in March 2020 and has successfully become the 14th largest cryptocurrency with a market value of $ 11.19 billion in a short time.

Solana coin

The algorithm he uses with a proven history ensures the highest transaction speed. Compared to Ether, Solana’s transaction fees are low. The current value of Solana’s coin is $ 47.07 Dogecoin, which is the cheapest cryptocurrency to buy in 2021 Thanks to Elon Musk


“this coin became the centre of attention after the peek-a-boo story. The coin was created in 2013 and is a memetic coin. Nobody expects a currency to be legalized, much less that it will be at the top of the cryptocurrency list. The price soared from $ 0.007635 to a record high of $ 0.074398 in less than two weeks. This all happened after the GameStop event and Elon Musk’s tweet. Dogecoin’s current value in USD is $ 0.4392,


Cardano expects its growth potential to be huge. The token surpassed its value of $ 0.182 in January and reached $ 1.45 in February, making it the best affordable cryptocurrency for investment.

The reason for the price increase is the recent update, which provides the ability to create smart contracts, which will allow developers to start developing apps, many new cryptocurrencies and Defi sectors.

The token also has cheap transactions and an excellent developer team that promotes full decentralization of the project. The current value of Cardano is $ 1.32

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